Software Developed by appamarket  v.

English This is Windows Phone App for ZIMO, Croatian independent news portal on new media, technology, social networks and digital culture in general. Application is in Croatian language. Croatian ZIMO je nezavisni portal s ciljem širenja znanja o

ZagrebGo  v.

Whether you are a resident of Zagreb or a tourist, ZagrebGo can bring you useful information about the city. Discover various points of interest, such as Zagreb's main square,

WiseShop  v.

In recent years, the products we buy are augmented by the addition of chemical substances (often harmful) called food additives or simply, E substances. The high number of these additives,

WinPrayer  v.

winPrayer calculates muslim prayer times considering your current location which can be retreived via GPS or Internet. winPrayer can display qibla direction via compass, live tiles with daily prayer times, prayer times reminders and more... When

Who wants to be a Billionaire  v.

There are so many millionaires in the world but only few billionaires.

Who wants 7 millions  v.

Who wants 7 millions is a quiz game exclusively for windows phone 7. Incredibly beautiful, simple and intuitive. Have fun! Over 3000 questions. Available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Translate the questions in more then 30

Whats your horoscope  v.

What is your horoscope, is an application to find someone's horoscope sign,

Weaving  v.

Puzzle game. The goal is to place nodes on board in a way that none of lines are crossing. Play predefined level or make your own custom game by selecting node count and binding type: 9-42 nodes 10 binding types 340 total combinations. Please send

Typing Challenge  v.

Typing Challenge is a classic game, for everyone, to relax and have fun. The main target of this game is to test your reflexes and agility in typing as many words as you can in 60

TV Start  v.

TV guide reading application. Possibility to set reminders and share programs to Facebook. In addition to international TV guide, it has also regional TV guide depening on the regional settings in the phone (Baltic states,

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