Monitor Power Usage


Monitor Computer Usage Software  v.7.0

There are options to save the information as text or Excel files and to create charts of windows usage. There are check boxes to load the software on Windows startup and to load it in the system tray. This easy to use software can be very useful for ...

Monitor Bandwidth Usage Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to monitor and keep a real time log of internet bandwidth. Using a drop down menu, the user can specify the delay between each check from once every 1 second up to once every 24 hours. The resulting history ...


IiNet Usage Widget  v.1.52

iiNet Usage is a Dashboard widget that is used to monitor iiNet usage (an Australian ISP).At the moment the widget displays:- Used Peak Quota- Unused Peak Quota- Total Peak Quota- Used Off-Peak Quota- Unused Off-Peak Quota- Total Off-Peak Quota- and Time ...

System Monitor

System Monitor was designed to monitor and manage Microsoft Windows computers on a network. It can monitor the usage of CPU, Memory, Disk Drives and Network Adapters. You can set it up to log events and create usage reports to databases located anywhere ...

Internode Monthly Usage Meter  v.

The Internode Monthly Usage Meter (MUM) is a free Windows utility designed primarily to monitor download usage for anyone on an Internode broadband plan. Usage information is updated automatically every hour with data retrieved directly from Internode's ...

ManageEngine Free Process Traffic Monitor Tool  v.1.0

Process Traffic Monitor tool, allows you to monitor traffic usage of a Windows server continuously. Tool populates incoming and outgoing traffic usage (of the machine / server / individual interfaces ) details in a elegant graphs and reports. The tool ...

Westnet Usage Widget  v.1.50

iiNet Usage is a Dashboard widget that is used to monitor iiNet usage (an Australian ISP).At the moment the widget displays:Used Peak QuotaUnused Peak QuotaTotal Peak QuotaUsed Off-Peak QuotaUnused Off-Peak QuotaTotal Off-Peak Quotaand Time Last Updated.

MonitorPowerOff  v.1.0

Laptop PC Monitor Power Off Software, power switch off, power settings xp, monitor power off, computer poweroff management ...

PC LockUp

PC LockUp also supports monitor power save options and has some additional useful features like built-in password protected screen saver and network user validation feature for Windows logon to increase your security.

Keyboard Smash  v.1 1

Traditionally parents would have to monitor computer usage since children could inadvertently perform undesired tasks such as rebooting the PC, deleting files, start programs, crash the operating system, etc? Keyboard Smash eliminates all of ...

EZ Wizard  v.3.0

EZ Wizard provides a simple point and click interface to enable monitor power management on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP systems saving up to $50 / yr in energy costs. Personal computers use more energy than all other desktop and office equipment combined.

Laptop Stats  v.1.02

monitor battery usage and other aspects of the computer.Laptop Stats Features:
1. CPU usage, weight average, and temperature (dynamic multi-core support)
2. RAM usage
3. battery usage (charge/drain time)
4. WIFI network name and signal ...

PwrDrain  v.0.1

PwrDrain is a Windows Sidebar gadget that shows the system's power usage in real time. This Sidebar gadget isn't quite "yet another power meter" for your laptop battery: while most power meters show the remaining battery charge (similar to the task bar ...

ShareWatch  v.1.0

Monitor share usage. Track who has accessed the share and for how long. Shows user name, IP address, date first seen, date last seen, session times and operating system version.
Can show files open by user, or files open by share with an automatic ...

Screen Saver Control  v.1.61

This program is a small utility that allows deactivate or activate both screen saver and monitor power off with a simple click. It can launch the screen saver or power off the monitor immediately (with option of assigning global hot keys for it), and ...

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