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Auto Shutdown Computer  v.1.1.4

Auto Shutdown Computer is a useful utility that help automatically shutdown or restart your computer at schedule time you specifies. With this program, you don't worry about shutting down your computer while downloading that huge file, listening to your ...

Airytec Switch Off Portable x64  v.

Airytec Switch Off was designed to be a tiny easy-to-use tray-based system utility that will automatically perform various frequently used operations like shutdown or restart your computer, disconnect your current dialup connection, lock workstation, ...


TICONT  v.1.5

TICONT was created as an accessible tool that allows you to shutdown and restart your computer at any time you want. TICONT also allows you to activate the Hibernate mode. All you have to do is launch the application, set the timer and select the task ...

Hide Window

Hide Window on Taskbar with Hide Window utility and shutdown computer or hibernate computer when window closes. Hidden windows can be restored easily. Hidden windows are restored when the Utility closes. Trial Version does not have any nagging pop ups.

Computer Power Log  v.1 1

Computer Power Log - Track Your Computer Electricity Usage

Computer Power Log will monitor your computer usage and calculate your total cost in electricity over time.The Computer Power Log program resides silently in the Windows system tray ...

Shutdown Timer  v.3. 3. 2001

Shutdown Timer is a great Windows utility that can shut down, log off, hibernate, or restart the computer after a certain period of time. The program has a simple interface that consists of a single window, where the time, date, and actions are set. Previously ...

Lomsel Shutdown  v.1.10

Lomsel Shutdown is a small system utility that can automatically perform various frequently used operations like shutdown or restart your computer, disconnect your current dialup connection, hibernate workstation, etc. It also provides fast access to ...

Simple Auto Shutdown  v.1.0

Schedule your computer's shutdown fast and easy. Simple Auto Shutdown is a software to shutdown computer automatically.Features:
1. Shutdown by Time
2. Restart by Time
3. Log Off by Time ...

SnapSO Shutdown Manager  v.1.0

SnapSO Shutdown Manager is a small and simple program that allows users to schedule the time they would like to shutdown or restart their computer.
SnapSO Shutdown Manager has a simple and comprehensive interface that will quickly guide you through ...

MSV Timing Shutdown  v.2.5.2

Schedule your computer's shutdown with this tool. MSV Timing Shutdown is a part of MSV System Utilities that allow you to set how many time left before you want to shutdown/restart your computer. Eg: You have to go, but your computer still download file ...

Auto Shutdown PC 7.0 B  v.0.677

Is computer security important to you? How about energy bills? Are you constantly forgetting to shut down your computer, only to return to find that you've wasted a weekends-worth of power, or worse yet, that someone's been accessing your information? ...

Shutdown Windows  v.

Shutdown Windows Utility is a Free software Utility which can shutdown computer normally optionally with voice alert and a confirmation dialog box. The spoken voice is the default voice configured in windows control panel. The Confirmation Dilaog Box ...

Perfect Shutdown  v.2.5

Automatically shut down, reboot and log off your computer. In its active state, it is an icon in your system tray. If you click it with the left mouse button, you will shut down or reboot your computer. You can set a keyboard shortcut for any action.

StayON  v.1.0

A tool to perform automatic shutdown, log off or restart action. StayON is a simple tool to perform automatic shutdown, log off or restart your computer on specific time. This is very useful when you want to logoff, switch off or restart your computer ...

PC Commander

Stop processes, manipulate services, download files, log off or disconnect users, view event logs, restart the computer and much more. Take advantage of our free 30-day trial and experience it for yourself!

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