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Xguiplus  v.1.0

Xguiplus is a set of Photoshop's-like color pickers. An MFC compliant Adobe Photoshops-like color picker. The main window allows you to create new colors and view / copy the color code.Jack Mesic wrote an extension to xgui written by Bobi B.

XExtract  v.1.0.5

Creating a self extracting binary. Most of us must have used software installation programs which first extract the whole setup from itself and then start the installation process. For example,

Write Text to GIF  v.1.0

How to write text to a transparent GIF image and save it back without loosing the transparency.

Wireless Signal Indicator  v.1.0

Gives continuous status information about the Wireless signal strength. Wireless signal status indicator is a simple tray software which gives continuous status information about the signal strength, signal quality, and link status.

WinTextFilePatch  v.1.00

A super search and replace tool. The WinTextFilePatch allows to fetch only the wanted part of text, to input the text one or multiple times in another text, include the unmatched text and so on,

Win7 FTP Client  v.1.0

The purpose of this Win7 FTP Client is to create a fully functional FTP software that accomplishes most of the tasks professional FTP programs accomplish. The are two builds of this application:1.Windows 7-specific build:

Web Sweeper  v.2.6

Web Sweeper can clean up the mess that Internet Explorer leaves behind. It will clean up the mess that Internet Explorer leaves behind, keeping my computer running smoothly, etc. It cant be any simpler then this, all you have to do is press the

Watermark Utility  v.1.0

Watermark Utility is a simple watermarking utility that may be used to add watermarks to any supported image file format. The resulting software shall permit the user to open any supported image file format into a scrollable picture box,

URLFile  v.1.0

Download a File Using URLDownloadToCacheFile. The URLFile is a sample to demonstrate how to use URLDownloadToCacheFile and IBindStatusCallback.

UDDI Explorer  v.1.01

Tool for searching web service(s) and viewing their WSDL information. UDDI Explorer is a software for searching web service(s) and viewing their WSDL information. Web services are still new and growing up, it will definitely have an important role to

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