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Zip Files Manager  v.1.1

Zip Files Manager is a free zip files manage tool that can scan your downloaded zip files and parse the documents inside.

Workgroup Security Manager  v.1.6.4

Workgroup Security Manager lets you can easily and quickly manage Group Policy in Workgroup Security Model in your applications and or databases.

Word String Finder  v.1.6.3

Word String Finder will help you find all possible word combinations from your folder.

Word CHM Convertor  v.1.2.3

Word CHM Convertor is a free program which can convert a Microsoft Word document (doc) to a CHM help document (chm).

Windows Desktop Cleaner  v.1.4.4

Windows Desktop Cleaner is able to clean up your desktop and optimize performance of a computer

Watch Log Files Tool  v.1.6.3

Watch Log Files Tool is a log files management solution that shows you the latest additions to a log file continuously.

User Activity Monitor  v.1.6.4

User Activity Monitor is a free tool that will real time monitor the users activities on client computer

USB Device Security Manager  v.1.6.4

USB Device Security Manager protect the data stored on them from access by unauthorized users.

Taskbar Sort Tool  v.1.5.4

Taskbar Sort Tool is a free windows utility that allows you to change the order of windows on pc taskbar.

System Tray Minimizer  v.1.6.2

System Tray Minimizer lets you minimize any windows utilities to the system tray icons and keep your taskbar clean.

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