Icechat Irc Client


IceChat IRC Client  v.7.0

IceChat can connect to many IRC Servers, has full scripting support and customizable popup menus, and a unique, easy to use Interface. It has emoticon support, skins, Full DCC Support, Easy to setup for Multi Servers. IceChat is in constant development, ...

Blood Bowl IRC Client  v.5.0

Blood Bowl IRC Client is a irc client for the blood bowl football game. This application of the game is free and easy to use and let you play online with other coaches.

The Blood Bowl IRC Client is intended to allow legal owners of the Blood ...


Luke IRC Client  v.0.38 Build 463 Beta

Luke IRC Client is an easy-to-use internet relay chat server. Luke Irc Client is a simple IRC client that was designed as an alternative to the classic Irc clients.

Freenode IRC Client  v.0.1

Freenode IRC Client is a Firefox addon, a firefox widget for popular Freenode IRC servers. A Internet Relay Chat widget for popular Freenode IRC servers.
Freenode IRC Client will also enable you to add chat to your website. To change panels background ...

Tomahawk IRC Client  v.32

An IRC client that uses Tcl for not only the scripting, but also the "glue" at the C level for how all the parts of the application fit together.

Textual IRC Client  v.2.0.5

Textual is a lightweight IRC client created specifically for Mac OS X. It was designed with simplicity in mind. Textual has taken the best of IRC and built it into a single client. Its easy-to-use functionality combined with scripting support makes it ...

WinBot IRC Client  v.2 7

WinBot is an advanced IRC Bot for Windows, is easy to use, customizable and has a wide range of options for bolting on new enhancements and features.
Bots are almost essential on any network that doesn't have nickname or channel services (NickServ ...

Gamepe  v.1.0.3005.6

It is IN-GAME IRC Client and
Windows Live Messenger Client do it all inside games without having to minimize (Alt Tab) the game window

- Easy to use
- Same mIRC commands
- No lag
- Send & receive message from/to ...

ClicksAndWhistles  v.2.7.145

ClicksAndWhistles is a free IRC client for Windows. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a form of real-time Internet text messaging allowing you to communicate with others in IRC channels (chat rooms) and one-to-one communication via private messages. You can ...

ThrashIRC  v.2 4

ThrashIRC is an irc client with an extremely easy setup, and a gag ball smiley, which comes in handy when you want to inform your hostile friend,'s quiet time. ThrashIRC comes preconfigured with screen names, channels and an irc network to join.

Linkinus  v.1.1

Linkinus is a highly customizable and flexible IRC client for the Mac. Features include:Complete OS X integration and Aqua look-and-feelInterface/Agent architecture (allows detaching)Rules defining specific IRC behaviorDynamic content display with StylesCross-session ...

KVIrc for Mac OS X  v.4.0.2

KVIrc is a free portable IRC client based on the excellent Qt GUI toolkit. KVirc is being written by Szymon Stefanek and the KVIrc Development Team with the contribution of many IRC addicted developers around the world.

IRC Insomnia  v.1.0.2

The Simplest Proram Available To Use IRC Proxies With Your IRC Client. Supports Socks And Connect Proxies, Plus Proxy List Downloading.

.IRC  v.1 1

NET IRC Client with built-in SSL (crypted) IRC support including Multi-Servers, SOCKS4-5/HTTP Proxy, Notify/Ignore/Tree/Transfers/Browser/Files/Raw/Events/U­RL windows, Full Layout/Color/Font Customization, Opacity/Transparency support, Auto OnStart/Connect/Reconnect/OnConnect/Join/Rejoin/OnJoin/­Away, ...

Visual IRC  v.2.0 RC 5

With this IRC client, scripts can be written in ViRC's own language or any ActiveX scripting language, including VBScript and JavaScript.

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