Grid Hebrew Letters Guides


Esoteric Delights Hebrew Keyboard  v.1.0

Allows to peck out Hebrew letters on a keyboard for English-speaking areas and automatically generate gematria, Temur and notarikon. Can also paste in Hebrew found in other sources and / or enter the analysis in Hebrew and English, Hebrew transliteration.


Lexterity is a crossword making board game, where you fill a grid with letters, based on crossword making rules. Single player logical word game, suitable for all ages.

The game keeps the score for you and maintains a top-scores list as well.


Word Search

The word will appear in a large grid of letters, and can orient in all different directions such as from left to right, from bottom to top, from bottom right to top left, etc. If you cannot figure out the word from the meaning you can also press a hint ...

Diaword  v.1.0

DiaWord is a crossword puzzle with a diamond shaped grid. Some letters in the puzzle are given. All words are made with clues given.

You would print a puzzle and solve it on paper at your leisure. Puzzle cannot be solved on screen.


A2z5x5  v.1.0

a2z5x5 is an entertainig game developed by Ihsan
With a2z5x5 you have to do ten words by filling a 5x5 grid with letters A to Z (no Q). Some letters in the grid are shown. A word must be made by a chain of cells linked vertically, horizontally or ...

VocabuWary  v.1.0.4

It uses a gameboard with a grid of letters ranging in size from 4x4 to 10x10, within which your spelling or vocabulary words are hidden. Students try to find the hidden words using clues (a separate list of words or definitions) to direct their search.

Boggle Solver  v.

Boggle Solver allows you to input a 5x5 grid of letters and find all available words using standard Boggle rules.

Word Scrabble  v.

How many words you can create from the given letters?

In this game there will be grid of letters from which need to form words.

There 3 levels:
1. Here 5*5 letter grid and time 120sec, to clear level minimum 15 words to be formed.

Word!  v.

The game that's so addictive it should carry a warning label!

mobilewares word! combines the perfect mix of boggle gameplay and scrabble scoring - challenging you to locate as many inconnected words as you can find in a 4x4 grid of letters. Featuring ...

Dropple  v.

Presented with a 5x5 grid of letters, you must chain them together to form words. Gain more points for creating longer words and using unique letters. Then, as letters are used, they will be removed and new ones will drop from the top of the screen.

Update ...

Phrazin' Free!  v.

Try to figure out the phrase by looking for the words in the grid of letters! No time limits, just fun!

The FREE edition is a fully-functional, ad-supported version of the game. Buy the full version to turn off the advertisements.

Tap ...

Wordle  v.

Wordle is a game where you identify as many words as you can from a grid of letters. There's a time limit, so you have to be quick! Earn points for each word you identify--longer words are worth more points.

As you practice, you will learn new ...

Word Square Builder  v.3.3.2003

Word Square Builder is for building word search puzzles where interlocking words are hidden in a grid of letters. It allows the user to enter, save and reuse word lists, control the size and shape of the puzzle, flow the puzzle around irregularly shaped ...

Learn Hebrew  v.1.0

Top 400 Vocabulary Words of the Hebrew Bible!24 Lessons that each teach approximately 15 new Vocabulary words each (i.e. the most commonly used 400 words in the Bible). Each lesson includes approximately 20 'verse fragments' from the Bible so that you ...

Crossword Power

Many optional features: optional help letters, fit to one page, open or rectangular grid, help letters, and spell checker. Also create sudoku puzzles. Great for teachers.

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