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Word Treasure  v.

Word Treasure is an application to acquaint you with words. It has around 7,000 words. When you run it for first time it create a "Tile" in start screen, where you can see the word and its synonym. Words are updated regularly. Check out new words,

Word Scrabble  v.

How many words you can create from the given letters? In this game there will be grid of letters from which need to form words. There 3 levels: 1. Here 5*5 letter grid and time 120sec, to clear level minimum 15 words to be formed. 2. Here 4*5

Pinky Pop  v.

A game designed for kids, Pinky Pop helps improve their color recognition and reflexes. Pinky Pop is a simple and easy to play game, wherein, the goal is to eliminate all the pink colored bubbles from among the many colored bubbles on the

Giftologist  v.

Ever had a dilemma choosing a gift for a friend ? Giftologist is your answer. Just login once with your Facebook account and permit 'Take One' app . Search and select a friend to view Giftologist's gift suggestions. Also, filter gifts by categries

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