Software Developed by Ihsan

Zerosum  v.1.0

ZeroSum puzzle is played on a square grid filled with numbers and +- signs. The objective of this game is to make a given sum of numbers by navigating through a grid of numbers and associated +- signs.

Xcell  v.1.0

Xcell puzzle is a grid (4x4 to 10x10) with numbers given at the intersection of cells.

X123  v.1.0

You are required to fill a 5x5 grid with numbers 1,2,3 in each row and each column. Two cells in each row and column must therefore be blank. Number cannot be duplicated in a row or a column. You are provide 8 hints.

Wsteps  v.1.0

Change one letter at a time to go from a given 3-letter word to a target 9-letter word, in 6 steps. Can change only one letter in one step. - Load a dictionary of your choice from the four provided with this program: English3 to English6.

Wordrings  v.1.0

The puzzle has three rings and 6 diagonal lines. Each ring has 6 letters and each diagonal has 4 and diagonal words have a common central letter. Purpose of the puzzle is to complete the 6 diagonal words, each word starts with a common letter.

Topic  v.2.0

This program generates funny and amusing topics for you to write stories about. A number of different phrases in five different categories are contained in the program.

Swords  v.1.0

sWords is one of many varieties of word puzzles available today. This program prepares a sWords puzzle. You can print the puzzle and the solution on a page. Purpose of this puzzle is to find and place 11 words on a s-shaped grid.

Shuntdown  v.1.0

Numbers 1 to 9 in four colours are arranged randomly in two stacks. Rearrange these numbers, ascending or descending, in four stacks of four colours. You have nine working places and five reserve places to work with.

Sesa  v.1.0

The purpose of this game is to outsmart the computer by making high score words from a set of letters. There are 100 letters A-Z in the game. The distribution and value of letters is based on standard Scrabble rules.

Ringword  v.1.0

This a cross word puzzles with words in a ring. Place six 4-letter words diagonally and three 6-letter words along three rings. Clues are given for the 9 words. You will print a puzzle and solve it on paper at your leisure.

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