Eyes Gymnastics



In the exercises window you will find exercises for training modules, Cyclops's vision, eyes gymnastics, finding sequence, character, and game letters.
In the statistics window you will see tests, game memory, Schultz tables, and perceptivity.

Window-Eyes  v.7 11

Window-Eyes is nothing less than the most stable screen reader available on the market today.Window-Eyes puts you in the hands of the most powerful screen reading software ever created.Window-Eyes gives total control over what you hear and how you hear ...


Desktop eyes effect  v.1.00

Desktop eyes effect - the widget will remind you that you do exercises for eyes, after a certain time. Very simple to install and use. After installation on your desktop, drag the widget to a convenient location. Right-click and select an interval. After ...

Eyes training C

It helps your eyes relax instead of squinting all the time," Graves says, "and that helps relax the rest of your body.

Even though Griffey has been a bit slow testing the amber lenses, he was counting the days until a Reds off-day so he could ...

Genie Eyes Only

Genie Eyes-Only is a professional easy-to-use security software that safeguards valuable data and prevents unauthorized access to confidential information using multiple levels of the thoroughly-tested Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) that is used by ...

Remote Eyes Multi-View Client  v.

MultiView - Connect up to 128 Cameras on ten different Remote Eyes Servers!

MultiView also supports viewing of up to 32 cameras at one time with multiple monitors.

Key building block for Video Central Station Monitoring.


ASTEC Eyes  v.6 5

ASTEC Eyes on the net (ASTEC Eyes) is a network analyzer (sometime called LAN analyzer or protocol analyzer), effective and suitable for the network management. ASTEC Eyes helps you to analyze and obtain the network management information with intuitive ...

Eyes on NTFS  v.1.0

Eyes on NTFS allows you to operate NTFS's Change Journal. The Change Journal is a database that contains a list of every change made to the files or directories on an NTFS 5.0 volume, that is, the Change Journal is a log file.The structure of Change Journal's ...

The Eyes of Volvir  v.1.0

The Eyes of Volvir is an addictive puzzle game based on an original idea. Every level has its secrets. This game can be played on three difficulty levels: beginner, normal and expert to ensure many hours of enjoyment, but be careful, some features may ...

Eyes Balls  v.1.0

Eyes Balls it's comic software which will follow your cursor. It add a set of eyes to your desktop that will follow your every mouse move.

Goggle Eyes  v.

Goggle Eyes makes anything come alive by adding a pair of Goggle-y eyes to a photo or picture.

1. Select a picture from your library.
2. Add some eyes, drag them around and resize with pinch.
3. Double tap on an eye to change the shape ...

D-Eyes  v.

d-Eyes monitors the images from webcams, so you can keep an eye on your home webcams from work, your workplace webcams from home, keep an eye on your garage, etc. d-Eyes updates images a user selected intervals over your internet link, which may be 3G/4G, ...

Eyes Checker  v.

Developer: Viktor Naryshkin
Basic tests for your eyes. Application can help you to determine visual acuity and color perception.

Gymnastics London 2012  v.

Gymnastics Fan? Keep up to date with news from the gymnastic events at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Official twitter feeds
BBC and ESPN news feeds
Schedule and results
See who is tweeting about gymnastics ...

Safe Eyes Parental Control  v.6.0.239

With our Safe Eyes Gold version, you can add your own list of sites to allow or block. The Gold version also includes an integrated pop-up blocker. If you need even more control, Safe Eyes Platinum will allow you to block Instant Messengers, Peer-To-Peer ...

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