Big Eyes Effect


Desktop eyes effect  v.1.00

Desktop eyes effect - the widget will remind you that you do exercises for eyes, after a certain time. Very simple to install and use. After installation on your desktop, drag the widget to a convenient location. Right-click and select an interval. After ...


Blood Eye Remove is the simpliest way to remove red eyes effect from your photos.The process is almost automatical and takes just seconds. Watch the result in real time preview window, and after you are satisfied with it hit the button Apply. Inutiative ...


Dweep Gold  v.1 40

Picture a cute purple furry creature with no arms, two legs, and two great big eyes. That's Dweep. Now put Dweep into a hostile environment surrounded by lasers, heat plates, bombs, and lots of other hazards -- all the stuff that would instantly fry ...

TileTasks  v.

Sync them with other device throught Toodledo sync! Enable live tile and secondary live tile (you can have a "big" tile effect like calendar), pin a task to home, pin a project to home and do much more through a simple and amazing user interface.
Full ...

AlphaPlugins RedEyes

" Allows to remove the red eyes effects from photos which were made with a flash.
" Tolerance parameter allows to set a sensitivity of algorithm and a size of area that will be processed.
" Darkening parameter lets make the eye ball more ...

SoftOrbits Red Eye Remover  v.1.2

Red Eye Remover offers automatic, one-click red eyes fixing. No need to carefully select the eyes area - just click on the eye, and red eye remover will automatically detect and correct the red-eye effect. The Red Eye Remover tool makes red-eye correction ...

Chuzzle Christmas Edition  v.3 2

The game is basically about creating matches of three-in-a-row or more 'chuzzles', which are a kind of color hairy balls with two big eyes on it. There are alive, or pretend to be, so while you are playing these balls can move and even blink.
These ...

RSSOwl | RSS / RDF / Atom Newsreader  v.1 2

You'll find RSSOwl's "big eyes" a big help when scanning the Web's vast array of RSS resources. The top12 reasons why you should use RSSOwl are - High performance and native Look and Feel that uses the operation-system GUI theme, Great platform support: ...

Delphinus  v.

Remove red eyes effect
21. Artistic blur (glow)
22. Distortion
23. Add noise
24. Motion blur
25. Decolorize
26. Reducing colors (4,3,2 bpp)
27. Thresholding (KSW and WSH algorithm)
28. Convertion to grayscale (5 methods)Filtering ...

World Drawn By Me  v.4.5

They were called Bigeyes, because they had big eyes. Their life was calm and quiet.
They looked with a smile at their world, but one day they saw something that made them cry.
Bigeyes' population was reducing. And then...
Interesting ...

Big Aperture  v.1.0.0

Big Aperture gives your images the DSLR-Level Depth Of Field effect and other visual aspects normally seen with only professional grade big sensor cameras. Magically unleash your creative inspiration, while using tools for making great images with a mix ...

Space Effect

The Space Effect is one of MHC's vst plugins processing audio, such as drums, guitars, external synthesizers or soft synths.

Snow Effect in Flash

Falling snow effect for Flash MX 2004 and Flash8 is a physical model of the winter falling snow. We used mathematical algorithms to program the model of real snowfall, cute snwoflakes, and put everything into a custom Macromedia extension/component. Falling ...

Flash Fluid Effect  v.1.24

Flash Fluid Effect is a tool to easily and quickly create cool Macromedia flash animation effect such as melt, vaporize, warp, blur, chaos, etc. There is no need to know any scripting language. Simply select an effect from a library and customize it by ...

Slide Effect  v.1.8.1

Slide Effect is a full-featured slide presentation software that throws in a ton of dazzling, enticing, colorful, and just-plain tasty animated, text, and transitional effects. Slide Effect is incredibly intuitive. Simply drag and drop the elements you ...

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