Earth To Pluto


JScorch - Scorched Earth in Java  v.30

A port of the cool tank shooting game Scorched Earth to Java, to be enjoyed by people on every platform ...

GE-Graph  v.2.2.21

GE-Graph (GE-Graph: Graph for GoogleEarth) helps you to make graph into Google Earth to illustrate your presentations, and papers. GE-Graph was developed to generate graphs from kml files saved by GE. The file generated by GE-Graph can be exported to ...


The Axium Adventures  v.

The year is 2143 and you have been sent by the planet Earth to the Axium galaxy to discover and solve the 50 puzzles which were created by another race hundreds of years earlier. Using meteor balls, crates, transport holes and other objects, you must ...

Zeus Quest  v.1 10

You are Zeus the boss of Olympus which comes back to earth to save the planet. Everything is happening at the classical ancient Greek period (1000-300bc) but you have the chance of switching ages though a time machine... Visit many Aegean ...

Forbidden Galaxy 2  v.

The aliens who build the pyramids of Egypt are returning to the Earth to invade it. You're in the space, with your spaceship armed with lasers and rockets. Your mission is to protect the galaxy from the alien invaders by destroying their spaceships.

Tooth and Claw  v.2 1

To this end you will send your minions to earth,
to seek out and recruit the humans and do battle with each other. Also at your disposal
is an arsenal of spells, which are cast using karma, the energy accumulated from the
worship of converted ...

DesktopPlanetClock  v.2.1

Images generated in XPlanet, there are 15 objects from the Sun to Pluto, Totally New update from my old Planet Clock.

RescueTheEarth  v.

, alien invasion the earth, the earth's resources through force to plunder, was the earth person resistance.

As the earth to heroic resistance, makes the alien plot was not satisfied, but that did not make the alien to give up

The earth's ...

Sri Varu  v.

His abode on earth is Tirumala Hills, Bhuloka Vaikuntam. He appeared on Earth to protect mankind from the issues of Age of Kali (Kali Yua, Kali Aeon). This App tries to provide information about Sri Vari Murti and His abode on Earth and also the temples ...

We Come In Peace Free  v.

In We Come In Peace you are an alien who is visiting earth to abduct humans. Complete a series of missions to upgrade your ship to improve your odds for survival. If you like the free version, please buy the paid version to encourage the developer ...

Rainbow Rapture  v.

Help him wipe humanity off the face of the Earth.

To try the free version, scroll down to the "more from Kindling" link and download Rainbow Rapture Free.


- Slide down hills to build momentum
- Master ...

Fairy Jump  v.

Jump on laser steps from the center of the earth to the space.

You have been kidnapped from your planet to the center of the earth.

And now you must follow an energy line, walk on laser steps to go back home.

And unfortunately ...

The Freaky Alien  v.

will you master this challenge?

The little freaky alien from outer space came to earth to have some good time in Jamaica. But now it is time to go home. So take control of our little friend and bring him safe back to his spaceship. On the way ...

Burn It All!  v.

One flame at a time, torch your way through Earth to the surface. All sorts of odd stuff has been scattered along your way to feed your natural urge to BURN IT AAAAAAALLLL!!!

The cousins are three small rocks who convey fire. You play one of ...

CastleMine Beta  v.

Defend your castle from the evils that lurk below in this unique tower defence strategy game! You will need to dig deep into the earth to uncover treasures and destroy the enemies threatening your castle.

Your foes will follow the path you dig ...

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