Software Developed by Soleau Software, Inc.

Word Mix  v.2 1

WORDMIX is a fun and educational word game where the objective is to spell as many words as you can from the letters of a master word. There are over 150 master words that have all the solutions shown at the click of a button if you need help.

Wall-Up  v.6.0

WALL-UP is an arcade strategy game where you try to guide four marbles at once into the proper slots on the sides of the game board.

The Axium Adventures  v.

Axium Adventures is a pure strategy, logic and problem solving game. The year is 2143 and you have been sent by the planet Earth to the Axium galaxy to discover and solve the 50 puzzles which were created by another race hundreds of years earlier.

Squark  v.

SQUARK is a fast paced arcade game where the objective is to guide your marble through a maze in your quest to capture all the square grids. If you can travel all four sides of a square, then it will be removed from the game board.

Score A Million II  v.1.0

is the sequel to Soleau Software's award-winning original Score A Million trivia game.

Score A Million I  v.1.05

is the original award-winning SCORE A MILLION game from the Shareware 2000 Industry awards.

Ronnie's Resort  v.2 1

RONNIE'S RESORT is a mind-bending puzzle game where the objective is to get Ronnie from the hotel to the beach.

Rollem  v.

ROLLEM is a strategy marble arcade game where the objective is to push your marbles to the bottom of the maze. You play against the computer or a friend in your quest to gain the most points by getting your marbles further into the maze game board.

Oracle of Runes  v.1 1

Oracle of Runes is a true brain twister for those who love solving logic puzzles. Marcus Flavius is a Roman scholar who has been sent by the Senate of Rome to discover the secret of the Oracle of Runes.

Oilcap Pro  v.

Get ready to use your reflexes and your mind to the limit. I wouldn't really know how to describe this game. Some say it is a logic game, some say it is a puzzle, some say it is arcade.

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