E Food Additives


BySoft Food Additives  v.

Check if the food you buy contains additives dangerous to your health. Have you ever wondered what all of those e-numbers actually mean? This free application contains list of food additives by e-number or by name telling you which to avoid.
Also ...

Food Additives  v.

Do you know all the ingredients that make up the food you eat?

Almost all of the products sold in stores contain food additives. Some of them are harmless, but some can be harmful to your health. With the help of this guide, you can quickly check ...


Flavor-Base 2010  v.2010.0

It is the world's most extensive database on flavoring materials and food additives. Flavor-Base 2010 provides extensive flavor & regulatory data relevant to the Flavor, Food, Beverage & Tobacco industries.
Flavor-Base includes the complete listing ...

E Numbers  v.

What’s in your food? Do you know all the ingredients of the food you eat?

There are food additives in almost every food that you consume - some of them are safe, but some are harmful to your health. With this application, you can quickly check ...

In My Food  v.

This is the application for those who care about their food and what goes into it, for the busy person that needs to find an additive quickly whilst doing the shopping.

There are over 500 food additives used by food manufacturers and cosmetic ...

Additives  v.

Food additives are substances added to food to preserve flavor or enhance its taste and appearance. With the increasing use of processed foods since the 19th century, there has been a great increase in the use of food additives of varying levels of safety.

WiseShop  v.

In recent years, the products we buy are augmented by the addition of chemical substances (often harmful) called food additives or simply, E substances. The high number of these additives, as well as the lack of a complete list collaborated with the rarity ...

Jambo Sana  v.

How better to enjoy your safari than learning to speak swahili itself with this audible app?
Jambo Sana is a handy app with audible English-Swahili phrases in the following categories:
a)Greetings - 12 phrases on common greetings
b)Internet - 5 phrases on technology and internet terminologies
c)Fun stuff - 10 phrases on fun and humour stuff
d)Emergency - 12 phrases on emergency and police services
e)Food - 7 Phrases on food ...

E-Store Builder Modules Support - Food and Drinks  v.2 5

Feature for feature, E-Store Builder is one of the most powerful eCommerce Solutions in the world. Add a shopping cart to any existing website, automate your accounting, warehouse, inventory control and reporting, use the template system to create your ...

Food Exchange Diet Planner  v.1.3

Food Exchange Diet Planner is a tool to be used by food professionals and knowledgeable individuals to create and test diet plans based on the food exchange scheme. To create a dietary plan using the "food exchange diet planner" (this program), one
needs ...

Online Food Ordering and Table Booking System  v.1.1

The Online food ordering & Table booking System - Very easily manageable online food ordering system that allows your restaurant to manage your food order through website where your website visitors can browse Food menu in easiest way and order directly ...

Page Flip E-book theme of Fruit  v.1.0

Fruit is the most natural food, and a healthy human should eat a great deal of fresh fruits. Some theories have said that fruit would make human feel better, eating more fruits can have a mysterious healing effect on human beings. And the same meaning ...

E-HALAL  v.1.0

E Halal is J2ME project, is is illustrated by an application allowing user to know if a food additive is lawful or not regarding Muslim religion...The J2ME app depends on MIDPver v2.0 and also CDLC v1.0, is also based on LWUIT UI framework.

Voice E-Mail Pilot

Do you have to type e-mails all day long? Hey, your e-mail does not have to be typed - you can create voice e-mails. And Voice E-Mail Pilot is the program that will let you do this. Your voice e-mail will let your addressee know how you feel better than ...

E-mail Icon Set

E-mail Icon Set is a collection of wonderfully-crafted stock icons for use in commercial and personal products, including software applications, websites, blogs and presentations. Icons have a bright color palette, smooth and well-rounded edges. They ...

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