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Choose the folders and PowerFolder keeps them up to date! Online or in LAN. PowerFolder automatically and efficiently keeps all files updated between multiple PCs, Macs or Linux machines. Data transfers are unlimited, encrypted and directly between computers, ...

IMonAir  v.1.0.8

You can chat with online friends (bidirectional follow relationship). You do not have to post a tweet, you can send messages directly to your friends without publishing it anywhere.
Treegger does not store any data, credentials or messages, all ...


Filenger RC1 build  v.1605

Filenger is a handy and easy to use application that allows you to share your files with your online friends. Manage a list of contacts, like messenger, and share all the files you want with whomever you want. Filenger works with POP3 / SMTP protocols, ...

AV Webcam Morpher  v.2.0.53

In case you do not like your current webcam background, or you want to show your living room to online friends, just take the picture of the room and set it as the background for your nickface. The included video and audio effects will allow you to apply ...

Online Matchmaking  v.1.0113

10 tips to make him fall for you ebook. This ebook will help him fall for you.Discover ten top rated tips for making him like you and steering your new relationship to the next level. Find out the dos and don?ts for making him want to commit so that together ...

International Time  v.27. 8. 2004

Discover how this progam will help you keep track of the local current date and time of any of your contacts who live in a different time zone to yours. Once you have entered the relevant data into the program, with a single click of your mouse, you will ...

QuteScoop  v.2.0 RC21

Shows online traffic of online flight simulation communities (VATSIM, IV O, any other FSD-server)
2. Extracts routes from flightplans and displays them with the help of the free XPlane-Navdatabase
3. Shows VATBOOK bookings for VATSIM
4. Has ...

BabyOnBoard  v.

This application allows you to calculate the main information relating to a pregnancy, with the following features:
- Calculating estimated due date
- Calculating estimated date of conception
- Gestational age
- Astrological star sign
- ...

Dungeon Runners  v.

Explore dangerous dungeons (duh!)

Battle ferocious monsters like the Fire Mutant Puker (monsters that vomit - how cool!)

Discover incredible weapons, artifacts and loot! I mean, where ELSE are you going to find a Vorpal Pizza Cutter of Doom or the Laughing Brutalizer of the Two Dead Iguanas?

Whether fighting evil hordes as a lone idiot, um, I mean warrior, or teaming up with online friends to carve ...

Professional Football Simulator  v.1. 1. 1982

A sandbox mode where you can set up any scenario you like, a single player Career mode, and a multi-player online mode.

Career mode allows players to take control of a single team and compete against other teams in the league. The CPU can ...

My Opera  v.12.0

Once logged in, you will see your online friends, and you can search for new friends as well. The Messages tab will enable you to read your incoming messages and send new ones in real time.

In order to ensure that you are receiving the latest ...

SmartButler  v.

SmartButler enables you to listen to your incoming messages without reading them and to recognize your online friends by their voices! This is because SmartButler can read messages from users with different voices and languages, using different speed, ...

Matchmaking  v.1.0321

Jealousy In Relationships and Dating ebook. How to deal with jealousy. Experiencing feelings of jealousy in a relationship can range from the minor, even flattering type, to the extreme and irrational. Understanding the differences in this behavior, what ...

IM+  v.1.0

Get IM+ and take it for a spin to see how useful it can be for keeping in touch with your online friends, especially if you have accounts on many of the supported communication platforms.Requirements:
* Adobe AIR ...

Voipdiscount  v.4.09 Build 660

Call your online friends for free as well as a special selection of popular international destinations.

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