Creepy Susie


Creepy Cards  v.

Cute and Creepy!!! With 8 different unlockable levels of difficulty you will find this game not just cute and beautiful, but also the best of it's class! You will find challenging to finish all 8 levels of this game!

Susie  v.0.3

Susie (Scripting Using a Smalltalk Interpreter Engine) is an attempt to provide a light weight scripting engine using Smalltalk as the language. it is based on Public Domain SmallTalk (PDST).


Blood Curdling Halloween Screensaver

Free Blood Curdling Animated Halloween Screensaver with Creepy Music by Blood curdling Halloween night. Blood rain, blood falls, ghostly beings and dagerous bats in this fearsome Halloween screensaver.

Castle of Terror Halloween Screensaver

Blood red clouds, flying witches, ominous lightning and creepy black cats will keep you up at night with this frightful halloween screensaver.

3D Halloween Holiday Screensaver

Ghosts, witches, and evil spirits are having a wild celebration in an old abandoned mansion guarded by vampire bats and creepy Jack O' Lanterns. The weather itself seems to revel in the haunted night... Would you like to join the wild rampage? Plunge ...

IQ Halloween

Note: Please enable your warning tones to hear the creepy laughter.

Turtle Lu  v.5.1

Day after day, Lu watched creepy little caterpillars crawl past his window. Everywhere. Like the pitter patter of birds on a tin roof, the squirming sensation of moles crawling under the floor. The days flew by, each like the one before, monotonous.

10 Days Under The Sea  v.32.0

Your soul has been taken away from you by the ghost of an old creepy man. Your soulless body can't survive like that, so you have to find it and get it back. You are really lucky, you find a compass that will lead you to your soul. But the compass is ...

3D Bug Attack  v.1.0

A creepy-crawly retro arcade game! An army of ants and other insects is descending upon your garden. Fight back with various weapons and explosive insecticide! Classic arcade game fun for the whole family.
Main Features:
- 25 amazing levels

Delaware St. John - The Curse of  v.1 1

John - The Curse of Midnight Manor is an adventure game with a creepy theme. The game starts with a boring story of the main character, who can hear voices from the dead, and a long unskippable credit section. It offers two chapters to play that you ...

ElectriCalm 3D Screensaver Galaxy  v.2 52

Sounds creepy, doesn't it?

Electricalm 3D Screensaver will bring the mystery of thunder and lightning to your screen.

This awesome screensaver will take you to a very mysterious place in the middle of a severe electrical storm.

DayMare Town 3  v.

Unlock the mystery of this creepy city in part 3 of this adventure game. This time you'll have to escape a hospital, Can you escape the nightmare of a day again? Use mouse to navigate through locations. Find objects, solve puzzles, use objects on screen.

Coolscreams  v.5.0

This haunted screensaver fills your desktop screen with creepy skeletons, mummies, flying ghosts and pumpkins. Moreover, the horrifying sounds and screams bring a frightening effect.
The screensaver can be personalized with its settings option ...

Alien Invasion Lite  v.2.0

Defend your space station against wave after wave of evil aliens! Incredibly creepy aliens and lots of weapons breath excitement into a favorite classic. Catch the power-ups to upgrade your weapons system and teach the invading aliens a lesson!


Haunted Pumpkin  v.1.0

A free animated halloween screensaver with scary sounds and a flying haunted pumpkin keeping watch over a creepy mausoleum ...

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