Software Developed by Absolutist Games

Green Moon  v.32.0

You have inherited a neglected house. After examining it, you become the owner of the ancient mystery, which you will have to reveal and make come true. While playing, you will have to act as a fisherman, cooker, rifleman (even drunk).

Cupidometry  v.1.0

This brand-new puzzle game is specially for those, who are in love. Your task is to pop hearts . Just click on them and they will burst. The victory is one click away! Colores in the game are bright and stylish. Music is pleasant. Use bonus hearts.

BlockBuster Independence Day  v.1 1

The 4th of July is a time for the Red, White and Blue. A time for Picnics, Parades, Marching Bands and from this time - it's a time for BlockBuster - our special release for Independence Day! BlockBuster is a collection of wonderful arcade games.

10 Days Under The Sea  v.32.0

10 Days Under The Sea is a game where you have to find things under the sea. I guess that short line summarizes the whole game. However, I will tell you more about it. Your soul has been taken away from you by the ghost of an old creepy man.

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