Cop Stopper


Autorun Cop

Autorun Cop is a program for controlling the Startup list where the programs that should be automatically launched when the system is started are specified. Autorun Cop - Full control over the Startup list.

Color Cop  v.5. 4. 2005

Color Cop is a very useful color selector that allows you to get the right color code, the corresponding color code (HTML, RGB, C++, Visual Basic, etc) of any color you see in your screen. With Color Cop you can also increase up to 16 times any area of ...


Popup Ad Stopper

Popup Ad Stopper is a simple, easy to use popup blocker. Popup Ad Stopper works with any web browser, not just one or a select few, like most popup blockers. Popup Ad Stopper actually filters web page content as it is coming in from the Internet, before ...

Mister Popper Stopper

This popup stopper software monitors all open IE windows for popups.

Unique "Setup Mode" notifies you whenever a site tries to send a popup, and lets you block it or allow it with the click of a button.

Once you turn off Setup Mode, ...

Karen's Show Stopper  v.

Karen's Show stopper can help you to save time and electricity by providing various shortcuts of shutdown types. By using Karen's Show Stopper you can create shutdown shortcut icon on your desktop. So it means you does not required to click on Start button ...


STARTUP COP!LOT is program that allows you to control what programs run at system startup when you turn on or logon to your computer. It supports Registry, StartUp folders in the Start menu and Win.ini file.
STARTUP COP!LOT helps you handle problems ...

Time Stopper  v.2.00

You stop the time of a try-out version using this Time Stopper it works via this Time Stopper. Real time & date run normally on your system. We recommend seeing the example of help file before use this software.

Cafe Cop Desktop Edition  v.3.0

Cafe Cop is a complete Cyber Cafe Management program with a strong
and interactive interface which allows you the Cyber Cafe Owner to sit relaxed and leave all
the Cyber Cafe Management activities on Cafe Cop. It comes packed with all essential ...

WiFi Cop  v.1.0

Wifi Cop is a small window application that helps you to monitor your home or small office wireless network. It will help you protect your network by keeping and eye and notifying you of any unauthorized access. This handy tool will also help you protect ...

Startup Chime Stopper  v.2.3

Startup Chime Stopper - You are fed up with the irritating chime of your Macintosh at startup? You want to remove it? You want to start your Macintosh without noise?Then Startup Chime Stopper is what you need!Startup Chime Stopper allows you to remove ...

Flash Stopper  v.1.7

Flash Stopper stops unwanted Flash processes and frees up your system resources! +Both 32 & 64 bit supported+Manual Flash Kill command removes all Flash processes from your computer+Greatly improves battery life +Reduces CPU ...

Flash Stopper free  v.Flash Stopper free

Flash Stopper stops unwanted Flash processes and frees up your system resources! +All major browsers are supported: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. +Also stops browser processes when they are inactive (background) +Both 32 & 6 ...

GWX Stopper  v.3.0

GWX Stopper permanently removes Windows 10 ads (GWX and GWXUX).
If you want to keep your Windows 7/8/8.1 after aggressive Windows updates, activate GWX Stopper anti-GWX protection.
GWX takes a lot of computer resources and make your PC works ...


Custom sound option. Best popup blocking technology. Allows the use of CTRL-N, SHIFT-Click, and even Right-Click New Window. Allows multiple IE windows. Fully automated version updates. Stops websites from resizing your Internet Explorer. For Internet ...

USB Cop  v.1.0

USB Cop and found very useful. If you don't use any anti virus software because they need updates, with USB Cop you can remove any latest virus manually without any worry!

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