Software Developed by Greatis Software

Windowse  v.1.0

WinDowse is an extremely useful utility for obtaining necessary technical details about any window.Place a mouse cursor on a window, and WinDowse will show all parameters of the window and window class.

TDL Rootkit Detector  v.3.00

TDL Rootkit Detector is a handy application designed to identify if the TDL rootkit (also known as TDSS, Alureon, Olmarik) is affecting your system.

StuxnetRemover  v.

StuxnetRemover - free of charge Stuxnet/Tmphider removal tool. Stuxnet Remover is able to detect and remove the active infection. It can find the Rootkit drivers and other files made by Stuxnet Rootkit.

Start Screen Unlimited  v.

Unleash the full capabilities of your Windows 8 Start Screen with Start Screen Unlimited! Add digital clock, Google search, power controls and numerous other gadgets directly to your start screen.

ShortcutAntivirus  v.

Shortcut Antivirus is a free of charge software for protecting against vulnerability in Windows Shell that incorrectly parses shortcuts (LNK files). Shortcut Antivirus is able to protect against infection and remove infected files.

Shortcut Antivirus  v.

Shortcut Antivirus protects against Microsoft LNK and PIF vulnerability, notifies user about found threats and offers option to immediately remove threats.

Screen Beagle  v.1.34

Greatis Screen Beagle is an unusually refined, advanced Screen Utilities System, containing four integrated, powerful sub-utilities: Magnifier, Screenshot, Measurer and Dropper.

RegRun Security Suite Platinum  v.

RegRun Security Suite includes 24 system utilities for protecting a PC against Rootkits/Trojans/Adware/Spyware/browser redirecting/hijacking. It increases the speed of Windows boot-up process, making the computer management easier.

RegRun Security Suite Gold  v.4 1

RegRun NIVA is a powerful tool kit against Trojans, viruses, spyware, adware components. RegRun NIVA resolves three main tasks: 1. Makes backups of the registry and important files. Restores a computer even if it does not boot. 2. Helps detect a

RegRun Security Suite  v.

RegRun Security Suite platinum version is an excellent tool kit for protecting your computer against viruses or Trojans/Spyware/ Adware parasites or Rootkits.

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