Software Developed by AlphaOmega Software

X To 3DMF Converter X  v.3.0

X To 3DMF Converter allows you to convert Direct3D X files into 3DMF files.

Wide Screen Movie Player  v.3.0

Wide Screen Movie Player allows you to play movies in wide screen, full screen and without useless borders.

Web Page Translator  v.3.1

Web Page Translator helps navigate foreign web pages in your own language.

Typewriter Keyboard  v.4.0

Typewriter Keyboard.

Type and Creator Changer  v.5.0

Type and Creator Changer.

Startup Chime Stopper  v.2.3

Startup Chime Stopper - You are fed up with the irritating chime of your Macintosh at startup?

Spelling Corrector  v.3.0

You need a spelling corrector to check the spelling of the words you use in your documents?

Safari Task Bar  v.1.11

You want to display the list of all your opened Safari windows?

Plain Text Editor  v.4.1

Plain Text Editor.

Photo Album Builder X  v.1.6

You want to build ultra-realistic photo albums from your own photos?

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