Cate Archer


Cate West: The Vanishing Files

Enter Cate West, celebrated novelist and insightful visionary! Help Cate find clues, compile evidence, track down the hideout, and name the culprit! Are these mysterious crimes connected? Featuring loads of locations to search, an engrossing storyline, ...

Cate West - The Velvet Keys  v.7. 3. 2019

Cate West - The Velvet Keys is an enjoyable hidden-object game, the second in the series, in which the protagonist, Cate, must find the suspect of the murders using her visions.

The hidden-object scenes are wonderfully made and the objects ...


Archer  v.

Archer - a desktop tool to speed up your daily operation.Features:
1. Free and open source.
2. Designed for programer and education.
3. Free your eyes from finding urls, files, folders and programs.
4. A good replacement of the "Windows ...

Bubble Archer  v.

In Bubble Archer you are the stick man archer and you have to pop as many bubbles as you can in one mintue.

Try and get the duck to a score bonus.

Bubble Archer comes with Worldwide Highscore tables ...

Balloon Archer  v.

Ever fancied yourself as an archer? Ever felt like playing the elves from the Lord of the Rings? Or just want to test your archery skills? Download this wonderful game and live that experience.

Live your fantasy or test your skills as an archer ...

I'm Archer!  v.

Be a top archer by shooting a target with bow and arrow and making great high score. Feel the thrill of achieving the highest score after the arrow is released.

The art of archery is primarily mental. Aim your arrow at the target, and overcome ...

Archer-Milter for Sendmail  v.0.1.0

Archer-Milter , A Sendmail spam filtering solution for system administrators.

Archer Battle

The object of the game is to destroy the enemy skeletons before they destroy you. You destroy them either by shooting them or tricking them so they shoot each other. The game changes each time you play it so that no two games are the same. Leaving the ...

Archer-Defense  v.

Defend your archers before the enemys destroy your wall.
Don't forget to upgrade your Archers/Wall with points - You will need it!
Every tenth level you have to fight against a boss. If you lose against him, you'll fall back 5 levels.
The ...

Mobi Archer  v.

Hit the bullseye. Shoot your arrow and be on target, if you are lucky you might earn extra points by hitting the suspended star icons.

**Minimum OS required Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) ...

AntarezArena  v.1 2

New units are accessible - 'Militia', 'Archer', 'Healer' and 'Pikeman'. All of them created by special form.

It means that each unit is 25% weaker and 25% stronger than the other one.

There are also two more units who ...

_3D_Round  v.

3D Round is an application designed to provide the archer the means to record and analyze their scores in shooting a 3D archery round. Up to 20 different bows may be tracked by the program. This Round consists of any number of targets therefore the programs ...

Zombie Fart  v.

The Bat can fly by an unconventional method, the archer can hit you by arrows, spider and snack can bit you and zombie can eat you. Move the Zombie fatter with the sensor. Hold down on screen to fly by farting if you are in the air. Have fun with this ...

WordMonger  v.

Will Birdie decide to lay an egg? Is Archie the archer, a friend or foe? Go for the bonus word, but who knows at what cost? All these questions and more will be answered, when you play... WordMonger for Windows Phone 7!

WordMonger is also available ...

Golden Arrow  v.

Test your skills as an archer in this fun and challenging game. The game features 4 difficulty modes and 20 levels challenging your abilities behind the bow. Can you hit the bullseye on a moving target? Can you hit the target with obstacles in the way? ...

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