Can You Eat Conkers


Can You See What I See  v.32.0

The 'Can you see what I see' game, is oriented to people with sharp eyes and who loves details. It's based on the Clyde Curfuffle's story of misfortune. This particular unfortunate character owns a collectables shop, but he has gone into trouble. A sequence ...

How Far Can You Ride Deluxe  v.1.0

Sounds easy? ? It isn't! The further you drive the harder it gets! Throughout the rac ...


Mouse Clock ScreenSaver  v.1.4

Little mouse rings a bluebell, what the time is can you tell?

Jumper  v.1.0

In this game player must jump as high as you can. You have to bounce from balloons. If you don't jump at the baloons you can fall down and end of game. The level ends when you jump to the top step.

You Can't Beat Me  v.

Can you beat me? This simple game can make you must think double to get high level. Just use the "Nim number" algorithm and you win.

Barbie® I Can Be™  v.

When it comes to careers, Barbie® can be anything, and so can you! In one easy-to-play app, you can be the best-ever pizza chef, baker and pet vet, just like Barbie®!

It’s pizza time! At the pizza shop, roll out the dough and layer on your ...

Do You Remember  v.

Do You Remember is a Memory variant using patterns. Since these patterns are meaningless it is more difficult to remember them. Can you score a highscore on all four difficulty levels?

You can play the game on four difficulty levels:
- 2 ...

Math Man

In this game you need to control the Math Man to eat all the ghosts. You can only eat the ghosts after you have eaten a special food, when a special food is eaten, you will be given a formula, and you can only eat the ghost with the answer to the formula.

Bistro Stars

Although you can''t eat what''s on the screen, you''ll be smacking your lips as you line up three or more matching food items, such as a trio of juicy hamburgers! You''ll have to curb your appetite, though, so you can feed a parade of hungry customers ...

Taz Football Frenzy  v.

You need to score a touch down without being stopped by the players on your way. You can neutralize them by jumping on their heads or whirl after you eat the hot-dog and get powered-up.

Use the arrow keys to navigate up and down, back and ...

Food Logic  v.1 3

Help Jimmy eat yummy treats by swapping food to create sets. The more food Jimmy eats, the higher your score goes! How high can you go? Easy to learn and loads of Fun! Friendly user interface and simple mouse control. Runs on most PC's.

Food Additives  v.

Do you know all the ingredients that make up the food you eat?

Almost all of the products sold in stores contain food additives. Some of them are harmless, but some can be harmful to your health. With the help of this guide, you can quickly check ...

E Numbers  v.

What’s in your food? Do you know all the ingredients of the food you eat?

There are food additives in almost every food that you consume - some of them are safe, but some are harmful to your health. With this application, you can quickly check ...

Lunch Savings Calculator  v.

How much can you save by bringing your lunch to work instead of eating out? This calculator will help you find out! Enter the amount of money spent on an average lunch, with the number of times you eat out. Then, enter the amount it costs to bring your ...

FingerWorm  v.

Simple design, easy to understand, highly addictive:
Pull the worm with your finger and eat the food. But don't eat yourself!

Can you get over 10 000 points?

Version 1.2:
Thanks for your great support! ...

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