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Simple Savings Calculator  v.

Simple Savings Calculator: A simple, quick and easy way to see the power of savings compounding! This simple calculator will show you your balance over time for an account with an initial investment and monthly contribution,

Quit Smoking Calculator  v.

How much is that smoking habit costing you? Use this quick and easy calculator to find out! Enter the price of a pack of cigs and how many packs you smoke per day and days per year, and then the number of years you wish to calculate.

Pay Down Debt or Invest Calculator  v.

Have a sizeable debt that you are trying to decide how to pay down? Use this quick and handy calculator to decide if it is better to pay it down more quickly, or invest the money and end up with more money later.

MoneyLeft  v.

MoneyLeft is a calculator which lets you set an amount of money you have to spend, and then deduct from it in increments. Perfect if you are doing a simple shopping budget, or have a fixed amount of money from which you need to deduct.

Millionaire Next Door Calculator  v.

The Millionaire Next Door Calculator: This quick and easy calculator is modeled after a formula found in the popular personal finance book The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko. The formula in the book,

Lunch Savings Calculator  v.

How much can you save by bringing your lunch to work instead of eating out? This calculator will help you find out! Enter the amount of money spent on an average lunch, with the number of times you eat out. Then,

Investment Comparison Calculator  v.

This quick and easy calculator allows you to compare the growth of two different investment scarios over time, to see which will work best for you, and what the long term comparable values will be.

How Long To $1Million Calculator  v.

This quick and easy calculator will let you determine how long, based on your investment strategy, it will take your investment to reach $1million in valuation. The calculation includes initial balance, monthly contributions,

Gas Guzzler Calculator  v.

Ever wonder what the big SUV is costing you?

DRIP Calculator  v.

This calculator is a Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) Calculator, which will allow you to project the growth of an investment portfolio over a period of time, with Dividend Reinvestment, and optional monthly contribution.

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