Best Online Calculator With Tape


Calculator with tape and sales tax  v.2.0

Desktop calculator with tape, sales tax and price functions. Add notes and save the tapes. Multiple locations and tax rates. Reverse tax calculations. Profit margin, markup and impact of price or volume on profit function. Keep on top and item count.

Calculator With Paper Roll  v.2 2

Calculator with Paper Roll want to help you in complex and long Math Calc with 'Paper Roll' feature that store in memory, all of the operations you do.
Multi Store feature allows you to Store (STO Button) multiply value with a value Name the can ...


Weight Loss BMI Calculator with Charts

Weight Loss BMI Calculator with Charts.

Best Tip Calculator  v.

Tip Calculator is perfect for restaurants, bars, and any & all tipping locations. You can even calculate based on a percentage plus divide the amount between multiple people.

Did you want to divide the tip between three people, no ...

Best Price Calculator  v.

(search for 'Best Price Calculator - No Ads' in the marketplace)

Version 1.5 brings an updated/easier UI and shows the number pad by default for faster data entry. Your last entries are now saved if you need to leave the application.
Version ...

Buy Local or Online Calculator  v.

This quick and easy calculator will help you to determine if a product is net cheaper to buy locally or online, factoring in shipping costs, taxes, and vehicle costs.

CalcMadeEasy Free - Scientific Calculator with Auto Notes  v.1.5.2001

One of the Best Calculators for Mac. CalcMadeEasy FREE version comes with fully functional Scientific Calculator and Notepad. Once start using this, you won’t go to other calculator. Its bigger size display/buttons, full support to keyboard/mouse, auto ...

Best Price Calculator - No Ads  v.

This easy to use utility allows you to enter the price, size, quantity, and coupon information for a store purchase and then tells you which deal is better. For example, a coupon on a small box of cereal may still be more expensive per oz. than buying ...

Moffsoft Calculator  v.

Moffsoft Calculator is a powerful calculator with an easy-to-use interface and a great amount of options that will help any user to achieve their objectives.
Some of the features included in this package are:
Multiple memory: you can save up ...

Econ Calculator Deluxe  v.1.5.4

Econ Calculator is a simple to usecalculator having three calculation modes, normal calculator, calculatorwith tape (simulated paper roll) or calculator with tape running in Addingmachine mode. It allows the user to round from an integer "0"decimal places ...

Auditor Calculator  v.

Currency calculator with tape - emulation of desktop printing calculator.
Easy and simple, can be operated entirely by keyboard.
Supports copy/paste, undo for last operation. The tape can be printed or copied to clipboard ...

Zeno Systems Toolkit  v.1.00

The kit currently includes program for: clipboard management, units conversation, pop3 daemon, color mixer, screen shots, magnifier, ruler, calculator with tape, error level reporting tool, mp3 player, programmable app launcher, mini golf solitaire.

Best muscle gain_calc

CHMOD Calculator - Free Download - CHMOD Calculator with our compliments from - best muscle gain ...

Best trading software_calc

CHMOD Calculator - Free Download - CHMOD Calculator with our compliments from - best trading software ...

SOS Online Backup  v.

With SOS Online Backup, all of your PCs are simply managed; no more juggling multiple accounts.

Your data is at risk. All hard drives are subject to failure. Don't lose your precious life's moments and hard work (pictures, videos, documents).

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