Best Functional Calculator


Best Tip Calculator  v.

Tip Calculator is perfect for restaurants, bars, and any & all tipping locations. You can even calculate based on a percentage plus divide the amount between multiple people.

Did you want to divide the tip between three people, no ...

Best Price Calculator  v.

(search for 'Best Price Calculator - No Ads' in the marketplace)

Version 1.5 brings an updated/easier UI and shows the number pad by default for faster data entry. Your last entries are now saved if you need to leave the application.
Version ...


Best Price Calculator - No Ads  v.

This easy to use utility allows you to enter the price, size, quantity, and coupon information for a store purchase and then tells you which deal is better. For example, a coupon on a small box of cereal may still be more expensive per oz. than buying ...

Xmart Calculator  v.1.2

Xmart Calculator is a smart, simple and muti-functional calculator based on text expression, where users can define personal functions and all calculations are traceable.Main Features:
1.Calculate the whole expression input by user.
2. Show all ...

XThink Calculator  v.1 2

The xThink Calculator is a fully functional calculator for a Tablet PC user. You can use the xThink Calculator just as you would use a normal pocket calculator. The difference is, you enter numbers, operations and functions by writing on the tablet.

Expression Calculator  v.2.1.6076

Expression Calculator is an functional calculator for windows. This program also offers a convenient unit conversion tool.

Discount Calculator Free  v.

Simply the best discount calculator out there.
Optimized for use only with one hand: All the buttons that you need fall right under you thumb. In the setup you can pick right-handed or left-handed operation.

So you find an item that has ...

Discount Calculator Pandora  v.

I am simply the best discount calculator out there. I am optimized for use only with one hand: All the buttons that you need fall right under you thumb. In the setup you can pick right-handed or left-handed operation.

So you find an item that ...

SuperCalc  v.1.0

Super Calculator is a fully functional calculator with sqrt/sin/cos/tang functions, and multiple skins and colors!

Tip!  v.

Tired of calculating? Tip!is an easy-to-use app that does all the work for you to calculate tips,and split the bill in seconds!Impress your friends with the best tip calculator around!


IDiscountCalculate  v.

Want to know how much you can save? Discount Calculator will help you!! Best Discount Calculator! Out shopping and see an item on sale? Quickly determinate how much you will save and what the final price will be after applying the store's discount with ...

10bii Financial Calculator  v.1.0.1

-- Introductory Pricing! Buy now and SAVE 30%! --Look no further, you have found the best Financial Calculator app available.Adapted from the best iPhone/iPad financial calculator available today, the 10bii Finanical Calculat ...

CalcExp  v.1.3.377

CalcExp is a complete 'All-In One' personal desktop solution that goes way beyond the standard Windows built in calculator. It performs ANY type of calculation, unit conversion and currency exchange rate conversion.


- Multi-functional ...

Best Mortgage Rates Calculator  v.1.0

Best mortgage rates calculator is a powerful tool to help anyone find the best mortgage rates and therefore interest rate. Best Mortgage Rates calculator helps the user seeking a low interest rate do a simple calculation enabling them to find the best ...

Best Money Market Calculator  v.1

This simple savings calculator needs very little input but it's output can make a big difference in how you view the power of compound interest. It will help you know how much your money will grow in a savings account or money market account so you can ...

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