Ask The Vet


Ask The Cat  v.

In Ask The Cat you can use your phone to help with any kind of decisions/questions you might have, From should I go for a chinese takeaway to is my team going to win tonight?

Focus on the question and the Cat will provide an answer.

Ask the DJ  v.2.0.2

Ask the DJ is a DJ/mix engine which:searches your mp3 libraryanalyses tracksoptimizes your play-listskips intros and outrosmatches and mixes beatslevels volumeall this automatically!You just ask the DJ. and dance!., AccuBeatMix, BPMer, Ask ...


Ask The Web X  v.1.2b2

Ask The Web is a special kind of web browser which is specialized for dictionary servers, comparable to Apple Sherlock for Search Servers. Frau-V.

Ask the crowds  v.

Apply the "wisdom of crowds" principle: ask a random question, and let the other users of this app vote. Find out which of your options you provide gets a majority vote.

Respond to questions from other users by voting for their answers. It's ...

The Invisible Deck  v.

The user presents the audience with a magic invisible deck of 52 cards and ask the spectator to choose one and announce the card out loud.
The user, then acts as if he is doing some sort of synchronization with the app and launches the app.
The ...


This translation has been done with Dr Miller's approval and is being made FREELY available to all Delphi Developers, though we do ask the Alan Miller and ESB
Consultancy be given due credit.

It includes the following Random Number Generators:

- ...

Halloween Mood 3D

Be imbued with the tickling atmosphere of the Halloween evening wandering about the house and waiting for some guests, who will definitely come to you to ask the main question Trick or treat! Give a glance at the age-old wooden clock and see that the ...

SharePoint Password Reset  v.1.12.523.0

SharePoint Password Reset
Let users reset their password right on a web part without intervention from SharePoint administrator
A simple web part that lets users reset their password right on their SharePoint page without having to ask the administrator or ...

Magic Eight Ball  v.

AzDo you have doubts?
Don't be afraid ask the magic ball and you'll find an answer!
Shake it! Shake it!

Mysterious Ball  v.

It's not, but you can always ask the Mysterious Ball for an advice, when You need to make a hard decision.

Now by shaking Your phone or just tapping the screen, you can reveal all the mysteries of the universe, all this in a simple and clear ...

Ball 8  v.

Ask the 8 ball all your questions and it will reveal all the answers.

Becky Brogan - The Mystery of Meane  v.

If you cannot find an object in a scene, you can use Becky's grandmother locket to see the silhouette of an object and if that's not enough, you can also ask the locket to reveal the location of the object. Also, each scene has three cats hidden which ...

Vet Practice Manager for Workgroup  v.1.7

The Vet Practice Manager for Workgroup Publisher is a fantastic option for small to medium size veterinary practices. This powerful system is designed with added features that allow a vet practice to manage all of their data in real time. That means ...

Survey Builder for CRE Loaded

Wondering why one product is a best-seller while its substitute doesns't sell at all? Then ask the ones, who make that choice - your customers and prospects! The easiest way to cover most of them with your minimal efforts is to create a survey.

Survey Builder for X-Cart

Wondering why one product is a best-seller while its substitute doesn't sell at all? Then ask the ones, who make that choice - your customers and prospects!

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