Alpha 2 Player


2 Player Table Games  v.

Challenge your friend right now to 2 player classic table hockey on your phone. Includes a few fun variations. Single player practice mode also available.
Options include the ability to change the score to play to, max puck speed, and the time limit.

Tic Tac Toe 2 Player  v.

Tic Tac Toe Two player version is a board game. The game have two player.
Enjoy it !
This application developed by
Pegasus Present ...


Slime Ice Hockey, 2 player  v.1.1

A two-player Slime Ice Hockey game, with the entertaining allure of classic greats such as Slime Volleyball and Slime Soccer, except on a two-dimensional playing field.

Autoidea Country Code  v.1

Autoidea Country Code is a free and searchable software in which there are dialling codes, ISO Alpha 2-3 codes for more than 250 countries/territories. You can change list sorting to dialling code, ISO Alpha 2-3 code or country/territory (by default).

Thermopylae Online  v.1.0

Thermopylae Online is a 2 player turn based strategy game played over the Internet. Each game presents 2 players with command of the Persian and Greek forces that fought in the historical Battle of Thermopylae. The game begins as each player signs up ...

Multiplayer Senet  v.1.4.0

Start your time travel and discover the mysteries of ancient Egypt in this 2-player game which dates to 3100 BC! Your goal is to move all your pieces away from the board before your opponent does so. When the game starts, you will be given a board consists ...

Tic tac-toe

A tic tac toe game with 1 player and 2 player modes.

Nim Logic Game

It is a 2-player game, but you can play against the computer. The rule of the game is to take one or more pieces from one row on the board. Then, the other player goes, etc. The winner is the player that takes the last piece. User interface in English, ...

Apple Soda Balls  v.1 1

Apple Soda Balls by JokerCade comes with 50 Randomly Chosen Levels and1 & 2 Player In Game Lobby Play. Also in the Game:
- Grab Coins To Gain Many Bonuses
- Several Configurable Options
- Speed Fans That Boost Your Apple
- In Game Chat ...

ToyRacers  v.

The game offers singleplayer modes as well as splitscreen for 2-player races on one computer.
Key Features
2 player splitscreen
Online highscores
Realistic physics
Highend 3d graphics
For Windows XP and Vista ...

ClickBuster  v.1 3

Play new games like Clickomania/Collapse - several games, with mode for 2 player ...

Tic Tac Total  v.2 1

With our 2 player option you can join in on the fun (learning :-). When you're busy your kids can challenge the computer and try to beat their high score. Multiple difficulty levels and optional negative numbers. A simple interface and easy Tic Tac Toe ...

Inflater Ball  v.1.0

Tennis Just Got Smashed
Inflater Ball Features :
Fast paced relentless arcade action,
8 unique 'Inflater' Characters,
Amazingly detailed 3D graphics,
4 stunning game arenas,
Old-skool addictive playability,
1 or 2 player action,
Joypad ...

Pong Ultra Win  v.1. 1. 2001

Play with 3 game modes, either 2 player, 4 player, or solo as well as either for score or against time. The game also features 8 unique music tracks, a fully functional map editor to create new maps, 16 bit color, slippery paddle control physics and ...

Othello3 (cubed)  v.2008

Play against your friends in 2-player mode, or test your skills against the computer. Capture pieces from your opponent by trapping them in between two spheres of your colour - the player with the most wins.

Sound simple? Othello3 is easy to ...

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