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Tic Tac Total  v.2 1

Good addition skills are a foundation for math and will benefit a child throughout life. While your kids enjoy playing, our game will give them invaluable mental addition practice. With our 2 player option you can join in on the fun (learning :-).

Rewards Multiply  v.2 2

Rewards Multiply is an educational program that combines the study of multiplication tables with fun. The method is easy, after completing a round, the program offers a reward.

CSC Date Calculator  v.2 1

CSC Date Calculator is a small but useful application that includes different options to count days. It is as simple as selecting a specific date on the calendar and setting a number of days to make the calculation.

#1 Classic Solitaire  v.2.0

Great Solitaire Value! A simple interface makes our game easy to learn and play. It's also entertaining and full of features... An internet high score page so you can share your best games with the world.

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