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Gears of War Maps  v.

This is the unofficial guide of the gears of war universe. Explore all multiplayer maps in an intuitive interface! Features: - No internet connection required. - 40 maps. - High Res maps. - Choose your favorite maps. - Recent maps. NOTE: THIS IS

TiVo Net Remote  v.

Control your TiVo with this remote control app. The app uses your home network to control the TiVo by sending commands to it via its IP address. The keypad makes text entry of WishLists and Searches a breeze. Since control is not Infra-red, no


BabyApps  v.

Do your lovely babies/toddlers play with your WP? TOUCH any buttons, CALL your friends, send MESSAGES in cipher, and REMOVE your favorite contact? But don't take their pleasure away. Instead, let them satisfy thier curiosity with BabyApps. They can

FaceMash  v.

Ever wanted to know what you'd look like with Sally's lips. Always wanted Terra's eyes? Ever wanted to know what your friends Jim, Joe and Sarah's faces would look like if you "mashed" them together? Well now you can... FaceMash is a fun little app

Light Saber  v.

You want to get the most powerfull Light Saber of the Galaxy. You are at the right place. You can get 4 types of Light Saber. Tap the screen to turn on (or off) your saber. It detects move end hit. Good luck for your next fight ! # Paid

Hot or Not Scanner  v.

If you want the cold, hard truth about how you look, don't ask your friends. Ask your Windows Phone. Use the Augmented Reality scan of your friends faces and then analyzes their facial structure in real-time. Once the app is done scanning,

Guns Stuff  v.

Gun Stuff contains high quality gun sound effects. Includes: shotguns, pistol, machine gun, hand gun, rifle, bullet shell drop, gun reload sounds,

Zeenat Aman  v.

Here you can get details about one of the second runner up in the Miss India Contest and Bollywood actress Zeenat

Reena Roy  v.

Reena Roy was one of the top Hindi film actresses in India.

DrawingBook  v.

A kid-friendly drawing

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