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Fartanator  v.

Get ready for a new level in Fart apps! Not only do we have 13 fart sounds, 12 fart sounds and 1 hidden sound, but you will be able to create your own WALL OF FART with Live Tiles! Features Include: 12 Sounds 1 Hidden Sound Shake Support Live Tile

10,000+ Cool Jokes  v.

The funniest jokes collection, ever! Need a good laugh? Then get ready for some very funny jokes! Have you ever been in a company through friends and family, telling each other jokes? 10,000 COOL JOKES will always give you more and more jokes to


Calligraphy  v.

This is an app which describes different types of "Calligraphic


He was one of the most intelligent maratha sardar during 1857

Joker  v.

Joker to śmieszna aplikacja zawierająca starannie wybrane, najzabawniejsze według nas ponad 400 kawałów podzielonych na 10 różnych kategorii. Aplikacja oferuje dodawanie kawałów do ulubionych. Interfejs jest przejrzysty dla kazdego

Spin Paint  v.

Use your fingers to paint kaleidoscopic patterns on a spinning

Guild Wars 2 Helper  v.

You can save and track your progress in the game with the help of this app. So you never lose track and you always know what to do. Upcoming Features: - Templates for Traits and Skills - more options in the Tile Configurator - Overviews for

Mood Scanner  v.

Scan your finger to discover your and your friend's mood and make fun with this cool prank app for FREE!! Mood Scanner is an entertaining app which tries to detect your mood via your Windows mobile device's touch screen. Just place your thumb or

Christmas Bells Free  v.

Chime your favorite Christmas tunes on your Windows Phone 7 with Christmas Bells, the app. Not much of a musician? Christmas Bells can help!

Big Bang Theory  v.

Get access to your favorite BBT sound clips and latest twitter posts. The sound clips will be regularly updated - please rate the app and contact us with suggestions for new features or additional sound clips. v1.2: Create

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