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Trobador  v.

The first mobile dating on WP7. Use the phone wifi to create a network group, then set up your profile and look for your

Templari  v.

Quello dei "Pauperes commilitones Christi templique Salomonis" (Poveri Compagni d'armi di Cristo e del Tempio di Salomone), meglio noti come Cavalieri Templari o semplicemente Templari,

PumPumPum  v.

heart beats counter & blood pressure meter. Enjoy !! 1.2 Compiled for Windows Phone 7.1 ( Mango

Progress of works  v.

Progress of works is an application that allow you to track your activity and their progress, organize tasks, and comment. It's a very handy application for people who have to organize their works in a powerful ToDo List. Vers. 1.5: - Improved

My Device  v.

My Device is a useful tool to view detailed information of your Windows Phone. Feature: -OS, firmware, device model -Ram, Memory -ID -IP address -accelerometer -Gps -Gyroscope -Compass

Modern Compass  v.

Modern Compass is the best designed compass application for Windows Phone. The intuitive interface follows the "metro" design of your phone, the color of your application are completely customizable. Fast, beautiful and easy to use! Ready for Windows

MapOfTreasures  v.

Open Data regarding a series of sinking incidents happened in the Mediterranean

IP_Cam  v.

Watch all the IP Camera based on IPCAM CGI SDK 2.1 1.3 Support of Italian,Deutch,French,Spanish Languages 1.2 -Windows Phone 7.5 compatibility -Take snapshot -Gallery -bug fix 1.1 -Enabled up and down camera movement in trial mode -bug

Gears of War Maps  v.

This is the unofficial guide of the gears of war universe. Explore all multiplayer maps in an intuitive interface! Features: - No internet connection required. - 40 maps. - High Res maps. - Choose your favorite maps. - Recent maps. NOTE: THIS IS

Flow Chart Maker  v.

This application is for creating flow charts on the WP7 App. It is not limited to making flow charts, but is also useful for making conceptual maps, Diagrams brainstorming, planning operation, as well as providing an easy way to organize your ideas.

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