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IGI-Shooter  v.

You are captain of the space ship and your role is to protect earth against alien invasion. Take your stand against the alien horde,

InfiniteFly  v.

*[Winning application of the 2012 Epitech's contest]* Fly to dogde the other planes, it's not THAT easy, i promise. Try to get as far as you can and beat the best score ! Good luck


SevenCopter  v.

Fly with your helicopter within wonderful landscapes, in 9 different levels! Try to win bronze, silver and gold medals on each available level! The concept is very simple: you press the screen, and your helicopter goes up. If you stop pressing, it

Dungeon Attack Free  v.

A long time ago the door of evil has been opened. Our world was invading by an army of darkness. Your castle is the last battlement. You can shoot magic arrows. You can have knights, archers, geants. You can cast magic spells. You can buy all of

Space Tank  v.

Drive your tank through a dangerous 3D cyberspace arena, destroy all the enemies, stay alive and win! Try to survive as much as you can or just play a single battle in single level mode. Features: - 3D Graphics - 15 levels - Survival and Single

Battlefield 3 App  v.

This app pulls RSS feeds for news, blogs,

Electrically Junk  v.

Control your personal electric ship with your phone accelerometer, shoot the enemies or raise the shield to protect you and try to survive through all the 15 levels of the game! The levels are full of junk enemies and special bosses to destroy, but

CatchTheSquare  v.

The main rule of this game is to catch all of the square befere there will be more than 25 on the screen. Numbers on the squares will show you how much poins you will get for them.

Mu-Cade  v.0.11

Keep your ship from falling down and push enemies out of the way. Players control a centipede-ship armed with two weapons: Rapid fire and "tail-explosion," a smart-seeking shot.

Gannicus  v.

Upgrade your ship and defend the universe in this fast paced space shooter. - Fully customize your ship - 45 weapons and ship upgrades to purchase - Fight the way you want to fight! Please give us your feedback so we can balance out the game to

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