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Iceboat Race Free  v.

Year 1859, you are the captain of the Blue Bird, a pirate boat and you are about to dare the impossible. To escape from the royal troops you decide to go across the Ice-jawed Canal before Winter. A race against cold, ice, ships,soldiers,mercenaries

Astro Taxi 2 - Lite  v.

Beat your friends in Online Highscores Astro Taxi is a 2D Flying game which takes you into the year 2061 where you are the first Astro Taxi Pilot. Bring all your passengers to their destinations and prove that travelling with an Astro Taxi is the


Primitive Space  v.

Primitive Space is a fast-paced, space-aged shooter game with constant and fresh updates. With each level being a new element in the gameplay or a harder version of the last, it is always stroking your innocent mind for attention.

ShootThat  v.

The goal is to shoot all the targets as quick as possible and avoid the enemies that make you lose valuable time. To win this battle you must shoot and hit as many targets as you can before time runs out. ** Update 1.1 **

Soccer Storm  v.

Hit balls with maximum accuracy to improve your score! Tilt the device to tap and shoot.

F1 Warm Up Free  v.

F1 Warm Up Free is an original race experience. Challenge yourself in this game which will take you around nice circuits in funny but tricky traps ! Tilt your phone to drive your car to the finish line before time limit. Features : # 40 levels #

Flying Legend  v.

Story begin with a pilot losting, encroaching on the territory of an enemy's country, when performing a mission. The enemy has sent some fighters to engage. The player has to help the pilot to escape from the enemy.

Meteor Mania  v.

Defend your city against a meteor shower in this slick game which seemlessly blends classic arcade games of old with a modern art and sound direction. Utilize four different types of power ups including a forcefield and scatter rockets to rack up a

AttackTheAlien  v.

This game is type of classical shooting.The war in the space to protect the Earth. protecting the earth from the aliens.

StarLocker LITE  v.

StarLocker is a challenging space shooter game released exclusively for Windows Phone platform. You are controlling a spaceship and your objective is to dodge asteroids and shoot enemy spaceships. If you want to survive,

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