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ChemMathsDroid  v.1.7

Suitable for students and professionals in the chemical,science,engineering, maths fields. Provides informationReference of on over 1000 chemical compounds,unit conversions,300+ equation solvers.

Cancerle App  v.1.00

Cancerle - Just Cancer Facts App. Get instant access to millions of Cancer facts. Quickly, find answers to common and specific Cancer questions. Cancerle covers fields like breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, Leukemia and many more.


My Representatives  v.

My Representatives is an application specifically designed to help you keep track of what your MP is doing, on the go. See what they've said in the House of Commons, How they voted on the issues you care about, How they've been mentioned in the news,

US Elections  v.

US Elections, the race for the White House. Features: Countdown to Election Day Vote for your favorite Candidate Pin your favorite candidate to start The latest news from different news agencies Twitter feeds from the candidates. Calendar with

USC Recent Bills  v.

this application provides real time information about the recent bills in United States Congress. Bills are categorized by their sponsors and by party.

Lorain Water Utilities  v.

This is the City of Lorain's Water Utilites Work Orders Application. Water utility workers use this app in the field to perform maintence records. Features Include: - View & edit all scheduled work orders. - GIS map of Lorain's Water Utilites.

Eu Calendar  v.

This an app that is specifically for the ones that like to follow the EU top on it's journey to unification! All upcomming events are set up in the app for fast looking what will come up

Alliance Party  v.

We believe in being constructive and in providing solutions. Over the past four years, while the Assembly has survived and completed its full term, it has not lived up to its full potential. Far too often, opportunities for positive change in this

Right Wing Blogs  v.

A collection of right wing blogs.

Love Clean Streets  v.

Report environmental crime and issues easily to your local authority and have them resolved worldwide! You can make a report in three easy steps: 1) See the problem and take a photo. 2) Check the location (which is detected for you automatically)

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