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ChemMathsDroidfree  v.3.0

Suitable for students and professionals in the chemical,science,engineering, maths fields. Provides Equation SolvinginformationReference of on over 4000 chemical compounds. e.g. Organic/Inorganic elements, Periodic Table, Steam Table data and more

JavaVoIP  v.1.0

Compact but full featured Java VoIP library in a single 1 MB .jar for developers to easily build SIP client applications or add VoIP call capabilities into any Java application.


NovoBPT  v.1.0

Becker Penetration Test (BPT) is a field test used for estimation of relative density of coarse-grained material containing cobbles and boulders.

SPT Correlations Software - NovoSPT  v.3.0

NovoSPT is a software for analyzing Standard Penetration Test (SPT/ DCPT) blow counts and correlating N to various soil engineering properties. More than 300 correlations are incorporated into NovoSPT database from 70 papers and reference books.

FundaciAl Catalunya Estat  v.

Tota la actualitat de la Fundació Catalunya Estat Notícies, actes, fotos, vídeos! Segueix-nos en temps real!! Fes el teu micro-donatiu. El 100% dels guanys d'aquesta aplicació es donen a La Fundació Catalunya

Oakland City Info  v.

The unofficial app for the city of Oakland. News, updates, and weather. The trial is fully functional,

Oxnard City Info  v.

The unofficial app for the city of Oxnard. News, updates, and weather. The trial is fully functional,

TinyGReader2  v.

tiny GReader 2.0 - the news flow machine! Reading news shouldn't be not centric to the lates information only but should be a fluid experience as well. tiny GReader is bringing this to your device since Windows Mobile 5.0. This experience can't be

UK Terror Alert  v.

UK Terror Alert is an app that informs you of the UK's current threat level from international terrorism as assessed by the MI5 Security Service.

Urlaubsklima  v.

Wie ist das Klima am Urlaubsort? Informieren Sie sich vorher über Temperatur, Wassertemperatur, Luftfeuchtigkeit, Niederschlag und Sonnenscheindauer.

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