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Connect The Dots  v.

+++New in this update v1.2 +++ Improved Graphics and bug fix ------------------------------------------------------------ +++New in this update v1.1+++ + Added finger-drag drawing for connecting the dots + Pleasing audio sounds

Critter Cards- Halloween  v.

Critter Cards is a rich multimedia flash card app combining drawings, sound effects and narration. Halloween edition- The Halloween edition is a special "seasons" edition with an interactive haunted house main screen! Critters of all ages will love


Rain Phone  v.

Small droplets are falling down on screen of your phone. Change orientation of your phone to see that they are falling always down. But it is not all - you can touch the screen to remove some droplets!

FruitApp  v.

This app contains all fruit names and their images i.e from A to Z fruit names,

MathAbilityTest  v.

This is a very interesting application for kids. This is used to test their basic mathematical ability........

Necotouch  v.

猫ちゃんをタップしたり、なでなでして­されましょう! 触り方を変えると、写真が変わります。 猫:ネコワーキングさんの猫ちゃん達。h­ttp://necoworking. com/ V1.0

ToddlerNumbers  v.

Help your child learn about numbers and number sounds with this colorful and engaging first number book with amazing illustrations. Toddler Numbers brings the numbers to life like never before and offers interactive features, including: • Easy

RattleSnake  v.

This is a rattle app - when you shake,

Guess the date  v.

Guess the date is an application that guesses a date based on some 'yes or no' you answer. Yes! now you can trick your friends by guessing their birthdays right.

ScratchASketch  v.

From the hit TV channel, BabyFirst, comes the perfect artistic companion for your toddler, Scratch A Sketch! It’s simple… Even the youngest of children can easily wipe the screen with their fingers to reveal a bright and beautiful picture. If

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