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Little Happiness  v.

Developed by Tahsin Kasap "Little Happiness" is a simple cake recipes application. language. This application contains 55 cake recipe. You can find ingredients list and

Recipe Vault  v.

With RECIPE VAULT, discover new recipes and quickly add all of their ingredients to your personalized shopping list. Favorite recipes can be added to the panoramic hub and features recipes are updated daily. RECIPE VAULT HUB - content is 100%


Craigslist deLUXE  v.

Craigslist deLUXE is a fast, intuitive, sophisticated organization of Craigslist for your Windows phone. With this intelligent application, one can browse all Craigslist’s categories and listings, add favorites, save searches,

King solomon  v.

quote on king

Decidero Car  v.

Decidero Car helps you find the vehicle that's best for you. You set weights to show how important different vehicle characteristics are to you,

Owzzup  v. is the easiest and most efficient online tool to use in your pursuit of spectacular and magical events. Irrespective of when, where or what, Owzzup will help you to find that special experience for you,

Chocolate Tracker  v.

This application helps you to track how many chocolate you ate today and it will limit the amount of chocolate to prevent you over eating!

Richest_Persons  v.

10 Richest Personalities of the World with their photos & approx.

Donorkort  v.

Donorkort redder liv. Nå er det blitt enda enklere å vise at du sier ja til organdonasjon. Donorkortet fungerer slik: - Legg inn ditt eget navn samt navn og mobilnummer til to av dine nærmeste. Trykk send, og disse vil motta en sms om at du har

Pisces  v.

Pisces daily

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