Your Tools


I hate you  v.

Your tools: spit, gun, spray, flamethrower, impress, kiss and you can save your pictures.

Ideal Tools Organizer  v.

Ideal Tools Organizer solves four problems: Problem #1: Tools are scattered all over the computer Solution #1: Central location has pointers to your tools Problem #2: Content falls off recently used list Solution #2: Central location retains pointers ...


Tool Kit  v.7.0.0059

Simple and easy to use, it keeps up with all your tools including where you keep them, initial cost, depreciated value, from whom and when they were purchased, serial numbers, model numbers, color, etc.

Quality Companion  v.3 3

Define your project phases and organize, launch and manage all your tools.
Map your processes to identify ways to streamline, eliminate waste, and add value.

GSA Cleandrive  v.3.47

By deleting irrelevant files and temp directories of your tools, it will result in a much faster and stable system. You will be surprised how much more free hd space you will get after a cleanup. GSA Cleandrive is extremely fast. You can cleanup your ...

ImTOO Video Editor for Mac  v.

The friendly interface keeps all your tools within easy reach so you never have to interrupt your creative flow.
11.Multi-lingual interfaces are offered in language of English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Simplified or Traditional ...

Plantasia  v.

The points you get are called mana, and are used to get more seeds and improve your tools and abilities. Every level has a normal and an expert goal. You must reach the normal goal in order to win the level, but you can continue playing until you achieve ...

Trog Bar  v.12. 2. 2008

You concentrate on your work instead of your tools. Your mind stays uncluttered. You accomplish more, in less time, with a lot less stress. You'll be so organized you won't know how you ever lived without it.

TabRenamizer  v.0.9.6

TabRenamizer adds two new options in your Tools menu:
2. Rename tabs now: with a simple click you will be able to change the name of your open tabs to random ones.
3. Rename tabs (auto): when this option is enabled, tabs are renamed automatically.

DockMultiplier  v.2.0

make one setting for developing, with your tools and editors of code, or one setting for graphic, with image editors, etc.With DockMultiplier you can also manage ExposU. Marco Rotatori's home page. Marco Rotatori ...

SPX Editor  v.

It is worth mentioning that all of the tools and effects mentioned (plus others) are located on fixed areas that are always visible around the working area, so that everything you need is always at hand, avoiding the waste of time on looking for your tools or commands ...

SPC IV Excel  v.1.0

-Installs an icon on your Excel toolbar, and options on your Tools menu, for quick access.
-Compiled as a COM Add-In, instead of a simple VBA macro, for fast, secure and fully integrated features within Excel.
-Generates charts with ...

FoneFunShop UnlockBuddy®  v.1. 6. 2001

It gives you fast access to your software as well as quick links for finding technical information, credits to use with your tools, software downloads and support when you need it most.

Main features:

-Unlock Buddy is a utility ...

DockBlock  v.1.2.3c

Sometimes, even when the dock is hidden you don't want it popping up and covering your tools. Especially when in full screen applications. Dockblock appears in the menubar and lets you toggle the Dock between AutoHide, Show, and a new Disable mode that ...

Game Position Tool  v.1.0

As a brilliant developer, why don’t you take this chance to sharpen your tools?

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