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Wedding Dash - Ready Aim Love  v.32.0

Wedding Dash - Ready Aim Love is a nice time-management game in which you are a wedding planner. The objective of the game is to keep everyone happy by satisfying all guests' needs.

The Village Mage - Spellbinder  v.32.0

Learn how to cure the illnesses in your village by matching 3 or more similar items to collect potion ingredients. Mix and deliver 12 types of curative elixirs before customers get impatient and leave.

Subway Scramble  v.32.0

Subway Scramble is an original puzzle game in which you need to deliver passengers to matching color stations.

Spellagories  v.32.0

Weave your magic words to save the kingdom! Spellagories combines immersive fantasy with classic puzzles that provide a fresh twist for word game fans. 3 different levels of difficulty exist for wordsmiths of every caliber.

Soap Opera Dash  v.32.0

Soap Opera Dash is a game where you can be a TV producer and do everything a producer does, like hiring actors, building up characters, and everything else that needs to be done on the set.

Playground SDK  v.

Playground SDK provides all the technology you need to develop high quality casual games.

Plantasia  v.

Plantasia is a beautiful time management game with a gardening theme. Your job is to help Holly repair the gardens and complete her training as a fairy. To fix the gardens, you have to grow flowers and restore statues.

Pet Shop Hop  v.3 2

Cassie Fisher - who you'll be representing in the game - has taken over her grandparent's struggling pet shop to keep it from being put out of business by Mr. Big's mega conglomerate MegaPet. If the pet shop fails, Mr.

Passport to Perfume  v.32.0

Passport to Perfume is a mix of time-management game with hidden-object game in which you need to help Sophie sell perfumes.

Mythic Marbles  v.7. 2. 2020

Mythic Marbles - its absolutely a fun and amazing game.The goal is to clear all the marbles, you can earn power ups.It has nice graphics and the kind of game that ones you start playing it you can't stop.

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