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Eye4Software GPS Mapping Software  v.

Use the software to load, view and edit your maps, display your position realtime and record all your movements.

The software will work with almost any GPS and can be used on any desktop, laptop or needbook computer running Windows XP or ...

Turtle Solitaire  v.1.0

Let your movements be as slow as the movements of a turtle, but they will be correct and well thought-out. Even those who never played a solitaire game before will be captured by the wave of excellent spirits. This game is the best way to have a good ...


GPS Track Recorder  v.

GPS Track Recorder turns your Windows Phone into a handheld GPS device that lets you trace your movements through time and space.

You can watch your current track develop on a Bing(tm) map. You can open and view past tracks, send tracks in e-mail ...

A-Way Nav7  v.

Navigation, Mileage and GPS Tracking

Nav7 offers a host of GPS based features with an intuitive user interface:
- Navigate with voice and turn by turn instructions
- Track your movements with GPS
- Log your mileage for expenses
- ...

SmartWakeup  v.

SmartWakeup uses the accelerometer to collect your movements through the night and correlates these values with you sleep phases.
In order to push your morning you can choose your wake up sound from your own MP3 collection saved on your Windows Phone.

Tracelight  v.

It will log your movements to then export it to your SkyDrive in GPX format(you will just need to change file's type from .txt to .gpx because of the Microsoft restrictions) which can be used by various PC programs like Lightroom 4 to embed geotag to ...

3D Dice in a Box  v.

Shake your phone and watch the dice bounce and respond to your movements. After you stop shaking, the dice settle to the bottom of the box and the camera zooms in so you can easily see the dice. The dice total is also calculated for you. Tap ...

Battle Rush  v.1 14

They don't block your movements or the bullets, only the visual.

SAM PuttLab  v.10.0

The analysis reveals even the smallest details of your movements and allows you to develop improvements and training strategies. SAM PuttLab utilizes ultrasound sensory analysis and therefore is far more precise than any other similar system on the market.

Get Me!  v.

Just share with your friends the code assigned to you and they will be able to follow your movements for a specified period of time.

Motion FX  v.1.2

Lose yourself in the swirling dreamscape of Motion FX! Features:? Over 80 presets from Smoke, to Fire, to Rainbow Plasma, react in real-time to your movements? Powered by Academy Award®* winning real-time fluid dynamics technology from Autodesk® Maya® ...

Four Houses  v.

On the top of the screen, you'll be seeing the next three or four pieces to come, so you can anticipate your movements.
There are two modes to play. In the Journey Mode, a match places coins on the board (on the tiles on which the match was created).

Tri Peaks 2 Quest For The Ruby Ring  v.

When a card is cleared that way it will be brought to the foundation pile, so you can plan ahead your movements. As you remove cards from the playing field, other cards become freed and available. When you are out of moves you can draw cards from the ...

Sir Arthur in the Dragonland  v.1 1

The Strategy games also require mental agility because you have to consider your movements before actually doing them. They are mostly typical one-player games such as mahjong and solitaire. Regardless of what category is chosen, they are all great games ...

XGPS Manager  v.1. 1. 2005

If you use the iPhone application a lot, you will be able to track the movements of your iPhone and, thus, your movements on a Google map. xGPS tracks your movements (you can disable this feature) and stores them in files that are known as GPX traces.

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