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GX-L15 USB-Handset Manager  v.7.0

Handset Manager combines your handset Phone Book and Outlook / Outlook Express Contacts into a single up-to-date Phone Book. Synchronize your handset Phone Book and Outlook / Outlook Express Contacts to have the accurate Phone Book database on hand. Phone ...

I-Clickr PowerPoint Remote

Use your Windows Mobile 5 or 6 based mobile phone or PDA as your PowerPoint remote clicker! View your slide notes right on your handset as you present! Click your way through your next slideshow in style!. Never again running out of time during your presentation! ...


BlueXpand  v.6.0

It works via bluetooth and irda and heps you to manage files on your handset. Using BlueXpand you can manage photos, videos and music on your handheld devices in easiest way. BlueXpand works with any known bluetooth or irda enabled cell phones and PDA ...

LGMobile Support Tool  v.

LGMobile Support Tool can help you update latest firmware for your handset. Using this service you can download the users manual for each LG handset model, and various handy program such as PC Sync, which connects your handset to the PC.
In addition, ...

The Digital Report  v.

net, straight to your handset in a Windows Phone-exclusive app. The Digital Report: Simple, honest news, every day of the year.

Sketris  v.

Sketris brings the thrilling gameplay of your favorite skill game directly to your handset. Prove your dexterity and strategic abilities in this fast paced retro game everywhere you go. Unlike the classic Tetris, this game emphasizes your own style through ...

Handset Designer 2007  v.4.0

Take the pain out of your handset projects.


Avontus actively participates in your learning by providing free support (current version only) and introductory training.

Mobile Phone Inspector Utility

Mobile phone investigation utility can get information from mobile phone by simply attach your handset to computer through USB cable and click read mobile phone. Mobile phone surveillance tool create forensic report which is helpful in investigation ...

I-Clickr PowerPoint Remote for Android  v.1.1

Use your Android-powered phone as your PowerPoint remote clicker!

View your slide and slide notes right on your handset as you present!

Click your way through your next slideshow in style!.

Never again running out of time ...

Ascendo Photos  v.

- Connect to your handset and the screen emulator will automatically adjust to the proper size.
- Drag & Drop images into the emulator. The image will be displayed exactly how it will appear on your BlackBerry.
- Reposition image using controls ...

I-Clickr  v.1 10

* View your slides and your slide notes on your handset.
* Easy to set up.
* Flexible connectivity options: Bluetooth, WiFi or Ad Hoc Networks .
* Support all Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 handsets, including Pocket PC and Smartphones.

Samsung Kies  v.

Smart Display:
Set your phone to only view apps that run on your handset.
5. My Downloads:
See all of your past purchases and downloads. Download them again if you need to.
6. Quick Search:
Search by keyword to get results listed ...

ViSoPlus  v.2.0

VisoPlus is a small and light videomonitoring system that allows you to connect up to 4 webcams, record the events thanks to the "Motion Detector" Feature and send Emal and an SMS alerts directly to your handset device.Please Note: before you launch ViSoPlus, ...

Audimobile powered by Pin-Pay  v.

Our pioneering Mobile Banking and Mobile Payment services allow you to:

• Transfer money and pay bills
• Access your bank accounts
• Recharge your phone or someone else's phone
• Pay your Post Paid Phone Bill or someone else's
• Pay your Park Meter Fines or someone else’s
• Manage your Pin-Pay account conveniently

audimobile powered by Pin-Pay is safe and secure with bank-grade protection which gives you peace of mind, why?

• A code (M-PIN) only known to you is requested for every transaction
• Every message sent from the audimobile powered by Pin-Pay application on your handset is encrypted; ...

Words2Learn  v.

You can do this either from the application on your handset or via web application. The changes can be synchronized between the mobile application and the web application.

Author of application - Aleksey Chugaev ...

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