World Globe Map


World Flash Map

Dongsoft Interactive Flash Maps for websites, interactive map applications, presentations, and more.Dongsoft Flash Maps is the world leader in developing interactive flash mapping solutions and products for Real Estate, Spacial Statistics, Business Locator ...

Time Zones Map in Flash

Flash Time Zone Map is

" A ready-to-use and customer-friendly flash world time map with no HTML or Flash knowledge required

Flash Time Zone Map has

" 20+ high quality images for the timezones map background
" Included source ...


World Wind Line Builder  v.1.0

World Wind Line Builder allows you to interactively draw a path over the terrain surface of the planet, enable you to draw lines on the globe map. It also displays latitude and longitude coordinates.
It demonstrates how an software can use and consume ...

Open Visual Trace Route  v.1.0.7 Beta

Route is displayed in a World Wind Java cartographic component. Java-based world navigation map. Now you can use this accessible and easy to use software to view the shortest route between where you are and where you want to go.Open Visual Trace Route ...

World Map in Flash

XML-driven World Map in Flash is a powerful, full-featured, and flexible mapping solution to present any kind of business or personal data worldwide. It took web-mapping experience, intelligence and time to deliver a solution we are proud of. The main ...

World Time Clock & Map  v.2.0.2

Are you a manager who has business all over the world Are you a tour lover whose footmark was found everywhere through the whole world If you are, then you must know how important a powerful and handy world clock display utility to you! In fact, a world ...

Map Scholar  v.1.0

Map Scholar is a fun and addictive game that makes learning geography easy and fun! Map Scholar shows a colorful, highly detailed, animated world political map with striking physical features that you can zoom in on.
You can play four different ...

Time Map  v.1.0

Need to know the time in different parts of the world? Time Map is an OS X Dashboard Widget that overlays city locations on a world map. It shows the current time in your selected cities and tells you at a glance whether ita€™s day or night anywhere ...

Einstime  v.4.7

Einstime combines a full-featured calendar with reminders, schedules, ToDo list and a World Almanac. The calendar supports standard Gregorian, Jewish, or combined mode and includes overlays for international and religious holidays. The software can be ...

Sunriser  v.

Calculations are automatically based on your phone's location, and you can use the built-in map to choose any location in the world. The map shows the azimuth angles for sunrise and sunset, so you know exactly where the sun will be on the horizon. This ...

CLOX  v.8.01

Local time and UTC (GMT) can optionally be displayed along with the date overlaid on a world daylight map, with up to ten user selected time zones shown on analog and digital clocks. All the settings are remembered automagically, no need to save any ...

Alperen  v.12.06.05

World Qibla map
12. Real-time display and dynamical wallpapers of moon/earth/globe view
13. Real-time earth illumination map showing all prayer/makrouh zones
14. Annual Prayer/Makrouh Timing Map
15. Notifies sun/moon eclipses

Karvonite  v.1.0

There is no relational world to map to. In Karvonite, object data is persisted to an object library. Karvonite persistence framework is well-suited for creating document centric applications (i.e., a word processor, a game-level editor, game editing ...

F30 Rental Property Tracker  v.2012

You can also see what time it is anywhere in the world with the World Time Map. • Track all of your income and expenses. Create account registers for any number of accounts. Prints checks on your current blank checks. • Monthly, Weekly, Fortnightly ...

Spinning Earth  v.7.0

This is a free Flash animation of our spinning planet Earth, very small in file size, yet with excellent graphics. The earth can be scaled to any size and will enhance your website or presentation. The file is free of charge and does not require installation.

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