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Air Mic Live Audio for iPhone/iPod Touch (Windows Version)  v.1.1

5 (Leopard) * Or a Windows XP/Vista system. * A shared Wi-Fi network between your Mac computer and your iPhone/iPod Touch. This version of Air Mic also work over Edge or 3G networks. * Download and run the free Mac or Windows software from homepage to ...

Air Cam Live Video for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad (Windows Version)  v.2.3

* Support most webcams in the market (Windows and Mac) * Support IP cams (Windows only) * Support external USB or Firewire webcams. (Click here for a detailed list of supported webcams). * Use your iPhone/iPod to remotely record the live feed, and play ...


Air TV for iPhone/iPod Touch (Windows Version)  v.1.1

* Host computer must run Windows XP or Windows Vista. Mac OS X is not supported. * Currently, only analog broadcast (over-the-air or cable) is supported. Digital TV can only be viewed via an external conversion box. * Download and run the free Air TV ...

Zynx (Windows version)  v.1 2

Zynx is a fun arcade-style game. Pop all of the dots in each level to advance to the next level. Avoid the monsters, or catch the elusive power-up star to destroy the monsters. 50 levels of fun!

Lightslayer (Windows version)  v.2 1

Lightslayer is a first person action role-playing game. A dark elven sorceress is missing, and her apprentice - you - will need to find her. Your quest will take you through forests and mountains, through deserts of burning sands and deserts of eternal ...

Tennis Elbow 2011 - Windows version  v.1.2

Created by tennis fans, which are regular ranked players, Tennis Elbow 2011 is a great tennis game for your PC, featuring both fun and realistic gameplay.

With its ultra-realistic ball trajectories, an artificial intelligence that accurately ...

MnoGoSearch for Windows Lite Trial  v.

The Windows version of MnoGoSearch inherited all the features of the Unix version, adding easy yet powerful graphic user interface.
mnoGoSearch Lite is designed to work with small volumes of data (1000-3000 documents) and features a built-in database, ...

Fix Version.dll error  v.2.0

Version.dll is an important module that contains application programming interface(API) functions that is being used for Windows version checking by the applications on Windows NT. It is an important process required by Windows to run smoothly and therefore ...

Windows Sudoku  v.3 10

Windows version of the popular Sudoku logic game. Single/Multiplayer sudoku - max 7 players. Create random sudoku grids at 5 difficulty levels or design your own to play/solve. Publish your best sudoku times to the web as a challenge for other players.

Pyrism Windows  v.1 25

Pyrism the ultimate puzzle strategy Game, Windows Version. Outsmart one to five computer players while attempting to capture hexes on a map. Several map designs available with full version. Map Maker available to those who register to make your own maps.

Facial Studio for Windows  v.1.0

Finally the award winning suite of plug-ins will be available in a stand alone Windows version. Offering new features like the powerful and easy to use PhotoMatching that allows you to create heads based on photos or drawings in less than 10 minutes! ...

Dia for Windows  v.0.97.1

This website only provides the Dia for Windows version while the Dia Project Page provides all other information. Create your informal diagrams with the help of this tool.Dia is an software for creating technical diagrams. Its interface and features ...

FileConvert to XVID  v.1.6.1

FileConvert to XVID is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Mencoder Windows version. The Mencoder is a Video-transcoding-tool, that is part of the MPlayer-suite.This software required the opensource software mencoder Search the newest version via google ...


WinSudoku is a Windows version of the famous game. You can generate puzzles in sizes from 4x4 to 16x16 and difficulties from very easy to very hard. The Assistant can help you with scanning, markup and revealing certain numbers, allowing you to focus ...

Empire XP  v.

Empire XP is a Windows version of the classic Risk board game.Unregistered the program is fully functional but is limited to 4 computer players and 2 maps.

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