Upi News Server


CoffeeLink Open News Server  v.1.3.1

CoffeeLink Open News Server is an NNTP server written entirely in Java intended for hosting private discussion groups. CLNews supports the current NNTP RFC including many common extensions.

ArGoSoft Local News Server  v.

This software allows you to maintain your own Usenet news groups. It supports unlimited news groups, authentication and moderated groups.


Phpinn - PHP news server  v.alpha

DEVELOPMENT IS MOVED ON PYTHON!!Something like 'leafnode', but IMHO with better configuration for news feeds. It will implement latest standard for NNTP (currently draft-ietf-nntpext-base-15) ...

MAPILab NNTP for Outlook

This means that a news server account works the same as an account for Exchange Server or POP3/SMTP, support remote mail headers and it's managed through Send/Receive menu. Supports all formats (plain text, RTF, HTML) and encodings which are supported ...

Extract Email Addresses From Newsgroup Software

Provide news server, login and target newsgroup. This program runs slowly.

NewsBin Professional  v.6.34 Build 1886

An account with a Usenet News Server is required to use NewsBin.
NewsBin is a multi-threaded news robot that automatically downloads and decodes binary posts to usenet newsgroups. NewsBin will take full advantage of high bandwidth internet connections ...

News Counter  v.1.0

Connects to a news server, retrieves the list of available newsgroup. News Counter connects to a news server, retrieves the list of available newsgroups and allows you to query the number of available postings.
Besides from getting News group information, ...

Java NNTP Server  v.1.0

Java realization of News Server based on Network News Transfer Protocol (via TCP/IP)It will be a bridge between data storage (some SQL DB) and News Reader (client)OS: OS independentProgramming Language: Java ...

MP3 Grouppie  v.

MP3 Grouppie helps you download MP3 files from yourISP's news server. Articles are summarized and available MP3 files are listed. You can listen to a preview of an MP3 before downloading, and since you're downloading from your ISP's news server, instead ...

DNews  v.5.7e1

This advanced news server program allows you to provide users with fast access to Internet USENET news groups. It supports 1-10,000 concurrent users on a single server and can be scaled.

SurgeNews  v.2.0a

This news server has a built-in tailorable WebNews ...

OEM Password Recovery  v.1. 1. 2004

Internet Explorer allows you to save website account information (login and password) using AutoComplete feature, Outlook Express offers such feature too, if you check Remember password option during creation E-Mail or News server account. But using this ...

SmartNewZ  v.1 1

SmartNewZ is a private News Server for Windows. SmartNewZ provides the ability to create an electronic discussion forum, where groups of people can post messages, read messages posted by others, and reply to them.

SmartNewZ is very easy to install ...

ArGoSoft Time Synchronizer  v.

It can be used to synchronize the time with any time server via TCP or UDP. ArGoSoft Time Synchronizer is totally transparent and runs as background process, configurations are done via the Windows Control Panel.
ArGoSoft Time Synchronizer is a compact ...

Stdin2news  v.1.0

A simple script that posts imput from STDIN to a news server. Easily configurable, doesn't require any external programs, can be used in batch jobs. Unlike rnews does not require a msgid, as it presumes it will be generated by the news server.

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