Type And Creator Codes


Type and Creator Changer  v.5.0

Type and Creator Changer. You want to convert the type and creator of any file? You want to give you own type and creator or to give the same ones as other files? You want to perform the type and creator conversion on several files at once? You want to ...

IATA Airport and Country Codes  v.1.0

IATA Airport and Country Codes is an application that includes two dictionaries, for country and airport codes. RoadLingua is included with the dictionary distribution file. Palm OS 4.0 or above, Pocket PC 2003/2003 SE, Windows Mobile 5/6 is required ...


List Of All US Cities, States and Zip Codes Database Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to search and save lists of cities, states and zip codes in the United States. The user can enter part of a city name, state or zip code to search or list all cities, states and zip codes in the US. There ...

TC  v.1

TC: shell to displays the Type and Creator codes of Macintosh files using Windows NT Explorer.
Put the program tc.exe in your Windows NT director.; Open the directory called SendTo owning to your account. For ex., open the directory: c:winntProfilesAdministratorSendTo.

TypesChange CM Plugin  v.1.0.5

TypesChange CM Plugin is a fast and small Contextual Menu plugin to change files' type and creator codes. Helsinki.fi - Helsingin seudun tapahtumat, uutiset ja hakupalvelut yhdestä osoitteesta.

FileStamp  v.1.5

FileStamp is a simple utility that makes changing the type and creator codes of files very simple. teenchristianity.com.

File Adopter  v.1.0

File Adopter uses your Internet Config preferences to add type and creator codes to files that lack them. Typeless files are common on Mac OS X, and are a source of numerous frustrations. File Adopter works with simple drag and drop. It can replace existing ...

Tcset  v.0.0.2

tcset is a free tool for changing type and creator codes on OS X.(If you don't know what type and creator codes are, you probably don't need this software).

Type Changer  v.1.2.1

Let's you select a document to match Type and Creator codes. Marc Respass. Marc Respass' Home Page. Boston area bassist, Macintosh Programmer, Java Programmer.

TypePopper  v.1.5

TypePopper is a contextual menu that allows users to easily change type and creator of selected filesin the Finder. TypePopper can "copy" and "paste" type and creator codesbetween files, setting the type and creator code of the "pasted" file orfiles.

RhinoTyper  v.1.1

RhinoTyper is a small utility that allows users to edit the file types and creator codes of files on their computers. RhinoTyper allows users to modify file types and creator codes in three ways: by matching a selected file to any other file on the computer, ...

FileWIZ  v.1 1

A powerful little application for editing the File Type and Creator for MacOS files. You can edit two files simultaneously and set one file based on the other. Manually edit the type / creator or select one from your custom list.

Fluggel  v.1.0.6

Fluggel is a drop application utility for setting the type and creatorof a folder of files of a particluar type and creator (and all of its subfolders) to the specified type and creator. You can also use Fluggel to determine the type and creator of a ...

MisFox  v.2.0c

First they will translate the "content-type" and file extensions which are used in the Internet into the file type and creator codes which are used on the Mac. Second they do define what to do with files of a certain file type after they are downloaded ...

Math Quiz Creator

Math Quiz Creator gives a parent or teacher total control over the type and difficulty of arithmetic problems generated for its quizzes. Any number of quizzes can be created, and each can contain as many problems with any combination of problem type you ...

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