Two Color


Two-Color Multiple Slit Diffraction  v.1.0

Two-Color Multiple Slit Diffraction Model allows users to explore multiple slit diffraction by manipulating characteristics of the aperture and incident light to observe the resulting intensity. An exploration of resolving power in spectroscopy is included ...

Asteroid Cresta  v.1.8

Asteroid Cresta is a fast paced Open Source Asteroids style retro game which features stunning two-color vector graphics. Released with source code under the GNU General Public License. Believing that the world needed another asteroid re-make, I began ...


Samsung Easy Color Manager  v.1.73.02

Samsung Easy Color Manager helps users to easily adjust printing colors for Samsung Color Laser Printers. Users can adjust printing colors while previewing on the screen a part of a document or an image to be printed, save the adjusted color settings ...

ColorFix  v.1 4

Although ColorFix can be configured to convert between any two color spaces, its default setting is to convert the typically flat colors to something more appropriate (sRGB color space) for viewing on a computer monitor.

Balltris  v.1 12

Balltris is an incredibly addictive color matching game - a Challenging New Twist on Tetris!
The major new concept in Balltris is that the game has two entirely different goals depending on the number of options you choose. The first goal, a classical ...

Vista Toolbar Icons  v.2012.1

You will appreciate that the icons are delivered in a variety of sizes, such as 16x16, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48 and in two color depth variants; they are 256 colors and 32 bit. You won't have to use any additional programs to change the parameters ...

NewBlue Art Blends for Windows  v.2 4

This collection includes: Color Melt, Color Wash, Contrast, Duochrome, Glow, Halo, Metallic, Shiny Fog, Sketch, Vivid.

Video effects:

- Color Melt morphs between two clips by expanding and softening the colors.


Japan Riddles  v.1 54

While playing you need to paint squares on grid with color. There are numbers
on the top and on the left of grid, denoting how many squares of same color
should be in a row or a column. Several numbers mean that there are several
groups ...

Buzoot  v.1.0

The puzzle mode throws up interesting patterns in each level, where your task is to clear the all the balls in the screen

Other features:
Special balls like two color balls, no black balls etc.
Top 10 scores in each mode ...

Large People Icons  v.2013.3

The set has two color solutions: 256 colors and 32-bit True Color (16.7 million colors with transparency). Take full advantage of these attractive icons to embellish your software. Large People Icons will make your project stand out.

24U SimpleHighlight  v.2.0

It implements two color highlighting functions:X24uL_Highlight(SearchString; Text) finds all occurrences of SearchString in Text and highlights them with color and/or style as defined in Preferences. All previous formatting of Text remains unchanged.

24U SimpleHighlight Plug-In  v.1.0.1

24U SimpleHighlight Plug-In implements two color highlighting functions:- X24uL_Highlight(SearchString; Text) finds all occurrences of SearchString in Text and highlights them with color and/or style as defined in Preferences. All previous formatting ...

Super Vectorizer 2 for Mac  v.2.0.2

- Super Vectorizer 2 for Mac has two color modes now.
- Super Vectorizer 2 for Mac vectorizes images on Mac by Edge or Color or Gray Color.
- Options for vectorizing images on Mac by Skeletonization or Line.
- Better Optimization ...

MAGIX Xtreme PhotoStory

Create thrilling slideshows quickly and enjoy them on your TV or PC, on mobile devices, and on your own website! Your family, friends, and acquaintances will love it!

NEW! Intuitive user interface: two color alternatives with a clear beginner ...

Health Care Icons  v.2011.3

The icons have two color variants: 256 colors and 32-bit True Color with semi-transparency. The icons can also be supplied in a variety of popular formats. Besides, ICO format you can have these icons in PNG, GIF and BMP formats.

The following ...

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