True Or False Trivia


True Or False  v.

Kids who are in mid age can play with True or False Statements with which often learn lot. This application teaches them what are prime numbers ...

TMDBoolean  v.4.5

A children's program for creating
expressions with two simple variables = true or false.
Using pictures of animals,
compose an expression then
add lines to get the desired result, equality.


Visual Testmaker  v.1 1

It allows teachers and professors to create tests of multiple choice, true or false, short answer, and essays.

A test can consist of all multiple choice, all true or false, all short answer or all essays. Usually it will be a combination of ...

Truth Scanner  v.

Want to know whether your friend is telling true or false? Genuine or another lie? There is only one way to tell and make lot of fun!

Truth scanner or lie detector is a fun app developed for entertainment purpose only. This application scans ...

React Challenge  v.

Each challenge result can be true or false. When player thinks challenge is true, he can tap his button and if he was right, he will be given points for good answer, otherwise, he will loose this points. Player who first reaches point limit wins.

News ...

TrueOrFalse  v.

Combine fun with learning!

Simply answer if you think its true or false, you get 1 point for each correct answer.

Challenge your friends and find out who is the smartest!

Glow & Blur XML Menu  v.1

XML structure example : //horizontal (true) or vertical (false) menu : true //X,Y menu position : 15 120 //Text color when rollout, rollover : 0xDDDDDD 0xFFFFFF //Font size : 28 //Space (in pixels) beetween each section : 10 //Liste of all sections with ...

Rage Quiz  v.

There is five levels with twenty five trivia questions. The player simply choose true or false for the trivia statement.

Fat Loss For Idiots Review

Is is true or just a weight loss scam? Find out in my fat loss 4 idiots review.

HWiNFO32  v.4.01.1693 Beta

Do you often purchase some hardware of computer for your company or yourself? Have you ever suspect that are these hardware true or dummy that you bought? With HWiNFO32 the powerful and easy-to-use hardware diagnostic tool we can recognise the quality ...

Love  v.


E6B Computer  v.

Enter wind details, required track (true or magnetic), distance and fuel consumption. Magnetic heading, ground speed, fuel requirement and weight are all instantly calculated.

A windrose screen is also included showing the wind effect for the ...

Strong Mp3 Player with Playlist - Totally Customizable XML Driven  v.1

You can also change the border color and transparency; Buttons Customization - You can change from xml settings file the buttons color; Audio streaming with buffer - You can set the buffer time; Volume Control - you can change form xml settings file the color; Autoplay - true or false; Loop - true ...

Adit Testdesk Server  v.2.60

Common question types such as multiple choice, fill the blank, draw and connect, true or false and many more are supported. Additional question types unique to computer-based testing are also available, including spoken response, Flash animations, video ...

MacroRunner for Excel

The RunMacro function works by allowing you to run macros in response to whether a specified condition evaluates to true or false. The second method allows you to run macros in response to several workbook and worksheet related events. With MacroRunner ...

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