True Blood Software


Cord Blood Software

CBS provides sample and patient test management data for cord blood banking. The software provides the final reporting for various aspects of DNA typing and Serological besides the cross matching blood patterns. It has a easy to use interface to track ...

True Astrology  v.3.0

True Astrology Software is a state-of-the-art astrology software package for Windows on a PC. True Astrology Software is user friendly calculation software, designed for both novice and expert astrologers, and it is easy-to-use for high-quality chart ...


Auto Files Backup green software  v.2005.05

True green software, no need to install. Just Copy "AutoBAUP.exe" file to your computer, and then it can work, Automatic backup by copying intact files on schedule time.
2. It's a lighter program takes less system resource and have quite enough ...

Popular TV  v.

Get the latest video clips from your favourite TV shows:

"The Voice";
"X Factor";
"Dancing with the Stars";
"Dr Who";
"Star Trek";
"How I met your Mother";
"True Blood";

Includes a Live Tile for each ...


TrueUpdate is a popular software development tool for adding a "check for update" feature to software applications. Programmers can easily distribute software updates and software patches to customers with this automatic update system. Includes LAN and ...

DX Studio  v.3.2.1

Controls and Modules
For true rapid software development, nothing beats reusable components, and controls and modules in DX Studio provide this for 2D and 3D respectively. A control behaves like a scene, but you expose properties and methods that ...

Registry Reviver  v.3.0.1

When a new piece of hardware or software is installed in Windows, it stores its configuration into the registry. This allows Windows to retrieve that information at later dates such as when it is starting up. As Windows starts it will read the configuration ...

FortGuard DDoS Attack Monitor  v.1.3

FortGuard DDoS Attack Monitor ver
* True green software, no need to install.
* The best tools to monitor and analyze DDoS attacks.FortGuard DDoS Attack Monitor support OS Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 Server.Have you ever encountered the following ...

Dead in the Family (by Charlaine Harris)  v.

A PREVIEW FROM "About the Book":
Charlaine Harris delivers the 10th novel in her #1 New York Times best-selling Sookie Stackhouse Series, which has been adapted into the smash hit television program True Blood. Finally settled with Viking ...

MailScan 6.1 for Internet Anywhere 6.1a  v.1.0

This server is published by True North Software Inc. MailScan 6.1 for Internet Anywhere acts like a Content-Security and AntiVirus Software for your Corporate Internet Anywhere Mail Server. It scans and cleans e-mails that: A) Flow between all local ...

Boolean Calculator  v.2.0

You can entera formular like "a and b and (not c)" and it shows you a table where youcan see on which boolean combination of a, b and c the term is true. MonkeyBread Software: REALbasic Plug-Ins and Applications.

Blood Presure Controller software

Blood Pressure controller is one of the best software tools for computer that helps to prepare charts and also prints reports of your regular blood pressure status. That tells you again and again to take a blood pressure status reading and also it helps ...

MB Blood Type Inheritance

MB Blood Type Inheritance is a blood type determination tool for your child. This is based on the genetic inheritance of a blood type from a parent to a child. MB Blood Type Inheritance is an interesting software with a simple to use interface. This software ...

NestLib Automatic nesting software  v.2012

NestLib is a high speed true shape automatic nesting software for optimizing material utilization while fitting two-dimensional shapes on a larger sheet. Various advanced features like Common line nesting, Multiple Torch nesting, Cluster nesting, Grid ...

True Burner  v.4.2

True Burner is a compact, easy to use and powerful burning software, which enables you to make and burn standard, multisession and bootable CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc with various file systems, including ISO 9660 and UDF. With True Burner you can create Data ...

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