Software Developed by Monkeybread Software

Screen 640x480  v.2.1

Screen 640x480 is a utility for web designer to see which part of the screen their websiteshould be viewable inside, so it can be viewed on older Macs.

Network Screenshot  v.2.0

Network Screenshot is a server application that runs on one computer and from time to time a client sends a request to this server to send back a JPEG compressed screenshot.

Multiple Picture Viewer X  v.2.0

Multiple Picture Viewer is a simple picture viewer for image files which contains more then one picture.

Monkeybread REALbasic plugin  v.9.0

The MBS plug-in comprises a collection of several plug-in parts which extend the REALbasic development environment with over 1000 classes featuring over 22000 documented functions.

MBS Filemaker Plugin  v.2.0

This plugin adds 400 functions Filemaker.

Make Invisible  v.2.1

Drop your Mac OS X application (PEF format only) on the application or main window and a new resource file is created with a modified plst resource.

Make Icon  v.1.0

Make Icon can read PDF files and uses the first pageto create the icon.

JPEG 2000 Dropper  v.1.1

JPEG 2000 Dropper is a simple utility that uses the QuickTime Importerand Exporter classes to convert any picture file to a JPEG 2000 picturefile.

ITunes and Screensavers  v.1.3

iTunes and Screensavers will run silently in the background and watch for the screensaver.

Global Hotkey  v.1.4

Global Hotkey allows you to press a key combination to launch applications, run scripts or copy something into the clipboard.

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