Transliteration Koran


Cyrillic Character Transliteration  v.1.0

The Mongolian Cyrillic Character Transliteration Client is a outstanding freeware tool that can be used to quickly convert text to or from Mongolian Cyrilic Characters. No need to install this software, just download the executable and run it. This software ...

Quran (Transliteration)  v.

3.English Transliteration
4.Search specific Aya
5.Take snap

Kindly tell us if you feel there is/are any error/mistakes in this application.we always appreciate your feed back. Thanks ...


Russian-English Transliteration  v.1.0

Languages based on the Cyrillic alphabet, like Russian and Bulgarian are difficult to learn for most Western people due to the fact that they appear so different from Latin aphabet-based languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese and others. When seeing ...

Lexilogos arabic keyboard  v.1.0

Lexilogos arabic the virtual arabic keyboard endowed with transliteration to write arabic, using your Azerty or Querty Keyboard. Lexilogos arabic the virtual arabic keyboard to write arabic easily, search on the internet and translate from arabic to other ...

Itranslator 99  v.

Itranslator, developed by Swami Satchidananda, converts ITX encoded files to Transliteration and Devanagari and is best suited for the conversion of ancient Classical and Vedic Sanskrit texts. With some technical restrictions, Itranslator can also be ...

ListMemoriser  v.2 1

- Order of Sura names in Quran : This is available in Arabic and English transliteration ...

Azhagi -  v.6. 2. 2007

Azhagi can also transliterate from Tamil into English (reverse transliteration). The program includes a Unicode converter that will ease the process of sharing any text written in Tamil with other people. You can even enter the text directly ...

FiFa  v.2010

FiFa 2010 a free transliteration tool for English (Finglish) to Farsi (Persian) and Arabic alphabet. Since it works offline the user's privacy will be kept secure. No connection to any site, no thread. A fast, smart, easy-to-use, light and secure must-have ...

KTransliter  v.

KTransliter help you batch update EPub and MP3 files metadata from Cyrillic to Latin transliteration.
So, this program will update the metadata in all files in the selected folder ( and subfolders if checked).

HindiTranslator  v.

2 (16-Aug-2012)
* Added Google Transliteration feature
* Transliteration language support : Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Sanskrit, Sinhalese, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Russian, Persian, Chinese
# ...

RussianEditor3  v.3.0.1

The first is transliteration the other are transcription in standards used for English, German, French and Swedish respectively. The Cyrillic fonts can be set to different sizes and be displayed in bold or italic. The editor can be resized and position ...

BonGoLipi  v.201002031102

BonGoLipi (Bong-Go-Lipi) is a transliteration tool to convert phonetically typed Bengali (Bangla) into text displayable with Unicode or non-Unicode fonts. It supports different transliteration schemes. The objective is to propagate standardized Bengali.

JCyrLatTransliterator  v.1.2

This is a program for transliteration between cyrillic (Bulgarian version) and latin (English version) alphabets.

Najitool GUI  v.

It also has a lot of other miscellaneous functions, such as an Arabic to English letters and vice versa transliteration system, it has programming functions like bin2c which makes a compileable source code file out of any file, like picture files for ...

Arabic School Software

Discover Arabic with our simple, yet fully interactive Arabic language software. Designed for people who want to learn Arabic fast and easy. Suitable for beginners & ideal for children. Animated characters are used throughout the lessons. The application ...

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